Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch Single 12" 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch Single 12" 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 5 in stock

The P300-12 powered subwoofer is an “all-in-one” solution when adding bass to a factory system or just to save space. This model features a 12” subwoofer in a sealed enclosure powered by an internal 300 watt amplifier.

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 5 in stock

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If you need to quickly add bass to a system or want to alleviate the hassle of separate amplifiers and subwoofers, then the P300-12 is the right one for the job! The P300-12 features a Punch 12” subwoofer in a custom sealed enclosure and is powered by a mighty 300 Watt amplifier. The system is all-inclusive, so you only need to run power, ground and a signal from the source to get this baby moving. Features a durable exterior that resists scrapes and bumps while in the trunk or cargo area.

  • “Closed-loop” design ensures optimum performance between woofer, amplifier and enclosure
  • Built-in 0°/180° phase switch
  • Separate low level and speaker level inputs
  • Built-in adjustable bass boost EQ
  • Adjustable 12db/Octave low pass crossover
  • Detachable Power/Ground connector
  • Intelligent auto turn on/off function
  • Thermal and over/under voltage protection
  • High-efficiency, low current design
  • Remote bass level control included
  • Proprietary high output woofer
  • Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
  • Large AWG input terminals
  • Covered with industrial heat activated vinyl
  • 1 Year Warranty

50 reviews for P300-12 Punch Single 12" 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer

  1. Steve

    You will be hard pressed to find a better deal.

    Wow I am impressed. I’ve had much louder systems in years past, but I need use of my trunk as well. This fit the bill. Great sound from such a small package. You won’t hear this from blocks away, but if you have a stock system and need some low end, this is more than enough.

  2. Richard

    All I can say is WOW!!!

    Amazing product!I upgraded the sound system in my car last year and my wife has mentioned how good my stereo sounds now after putting in the subwoofer/amp. The subwoofer/amp I got for my car is installed in my trunk and is bolted in place. I liked that this product is easy to disconnect and re-connect and take out for when she needs to load up the cargo area in her mid-size SUV.So for Christmas I thought I’d get this product installed in her car to upgrade her sound system. I just got it back from the install place and this thing sounds amazing! Maybe its because its installed inside the passenger cabin of her SUV and doesn’t have to get through the seats for you to feel the bass. And all I can say is, ‘WOW!’I got a bass knob installed in my car but installed this without the bass knob as she had also mentioned she wouldn’t like to have to constantly adjust the bass if she ever got her stereo upgraded. I have been playing around with the amp settings to get them just right for her and saw that the installer only had the gain turned up about 1/4 of the way up so I thought I’d turn it up a little to about 1/3 and you can barely even hear the actual music over the bass its so loud! I had to turn it back closer to a 1/4 to balance the sound out and it sounds amazing.I almost regret not going with this product for my own car. I cant disagree more with the people on here saying it isn’t powerful enough.

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  3. Julia

    Plenty of power

    If you’re on the fence between the 10″ and the 12″ get the 10″. I have mine turned to about ~1/4 power. I like clean bass, this delivers. I am running mine off of high level inputs in a 2018 civic SI.If you want to rattle your doors off then you might be disappointed. If you’re in the over 30, 3 kids and a wife crowd then this is the sub for you.

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  4. Louis

    More than enough.

    Makes more noise than what I need. Actually dialled it back after I got over the fun of having extra loud thumping bass.Makes my sound system the best I’ve ever had in a car.Nice touch that it’s all on plugs, so I can remove it quickly. I have it ratchet strapped to the child seat anchors on the back of the seat.

  5. Parkland_C6

    Great nice crisp, clear and jaw dropping bass

    Amazing sound for the price. With the right install kit, install is a breeze. Separate bass remote allows for you to adjust on the fly based on each track you play! Fit like a glove in our 85 Camaro IROC Z28

  6. Carlos

    Very Happy

    No earth shattering bass but very pleased with this. Added it to my magnum and added that little Xtra kick I was looking for. Also love that I can adjust the bass depending on how hard I want it to bump or for the type of song I’m listening to.

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  7. Jacob

    This thing is AMAZING

    WOW. This thing hits very hard. I have it under the backseat of my 2015 F150 Super Crew Cab. I was hoping it would be enough. Its almost to much if there is such a thing. I cant understand why anyone would need anything more. I got the 10″ and am blown away. You can actually feel the base. It vibrates you and I don’t have it turned all the way up. If you are questioning it I can promise you wont be disappointed. I tried the Rockville 10″ and sent it back because something didn’t sound right. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. This here put a smile on my face the second I heard it. OUTSTANDING

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  8. Chris Allen

    Best Sound For The Price

    First off, I never leave reviews. But after I installed this, holy cow. This thing beats like nothing that i was expecting. The quick release is nice if you ever need to remove it for whatever reason. Paired up nicely with the 8 Gauge Rockford Fosgate Amp Kit. For those of you who would want to get a larger gauge wire, dont waste your time. You will need a reducer first in order to do that, since the hole only accepts up to 8 gauge.

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  9. Deepa

    Packs a punch

    Great woofer. Worth the wait

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  10. B. Miller

    Nice self powered sub by Rockford

    For a self powered 10” sub this thing really does the trick. I put it in a 2021 Sorento where stock speakers are lacking. This sub really fills the empty space and makes the stock speakers sound much better after some setting on the head unit. No bass coming from stock speakers, just kids at about 7 and treble around 8. Had Best Buy do the install took about an hour. It’s also nice that it has quick disconnects if u need to take it out for whatever reason. Would recommend for people looking to just add that extra bass. Don’t get me wrong, it will rock too. It comes with a remote to adjust your level/s depending on what you’re looking for. I was kinda in the fence about it but it really is a nice feature to have especially if your music taste is all over the place like mine

  11. DH1974

    OH! MY! GODS!

    This thing booms hard! The guy who installed it said there’s no way it’s only 300 watts. He said he’s never heard anything under 2000 watts produce the bass this bad boy does. I never turn the bass control knob more than 1/3 of the way up. This is the powered sub you’re looking for.

  12. Michael D

    This sub sounds awesome in the 2010 Honda CRV

    This sub sounds awesome in the 2010 Honda CRV. We have more bass than we can handle with the bass setting at about 1/4 of the maximum bass setting. We can only turn the volume up to about 1/3 it’s maximum in a system that only had a head unit upgrade and this sub added.This is my new go-to product for car audio systems.To me the bass sounds “rounder” than I can achieve in the 2006 Honda Civic Copue with a separate 5 channel Amp and 10″ Sub.I would recommend this to anyone using in similar applications – SUVs or Hatchback Cars.

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  13. Jonny T. Villalobos

    Sounds really good.

    I’ve always liked RF. I have always had bigger and much louder setups. This was for my 2013 gli. I have the fender audio system and the factory woofer wasn’t great. This was a big upgrade. Even more than I expected. I used the Rockford fosgate line out converter in order to retain all factory equipment. Works well for under 20$ converter. Tapped into factory woofer wires.

  14. Chris Tipton-king

    It Rocks.

    Installed in my Saturn Ion Redline to augment the factory “advanced” audio system (tweeter/woofer components up front, low range woofers on the rear deck). Sounds great, it extends the range of the factory system nicely, and I love that it came with quick-disconnect connectors so I can take it out when I need the trunk space. I installed it with a Rockford capacitor to keep it from straining the electrical system. I attached it with a ratchet strap instead of the included velcro, which has worked well. The case is rugged and has thus far stood up to me throwing lots of video and lighting equipment in the trunk without any dings. I installed the included remote, but realized that I don’t need it, if anything it’s too loud at its lowest setting and I can effectively control by lowering my factory bass EQ.I used to have a custom-built Rockford/Infinity 10″ sealed cabinet setup in my old car, this one is far more compact and streamlined because the amp is inside.Although it cranks up quite loud, it’s is not the sub for you if you want window-rattling show-off bass (go look for a bandpass design instead of a sealed cabinet like this one), this is a better match for people who enjoy their music when it’s reproduced accurately.

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  15. Robert

    Nice setup

    I bought this speaker (installed in our van) to add a little bass and fill out the sound. The install was easy, very straightforward. In our other two vehicles, I had installed the Rockford all in one system that fits under the seat and uses an 8″ speaker. There is a huge difference between the 8″ setup and the 10″ setup. For our taste, the 8″ filled out the sound in the vehicles nicely and the enclosures easily fit under the passenger seat. I would compare the 8″ setup to a nice factory system that has a subwoofer in it. The 10″ adds a lot more bass and takes up about twice the space.

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  16. Jas and Joce


    I was seriously amazed at the sound coming from this 12″ speaker. I got 4-gauge power and 4v RCA preamp outputs running the back of my hatchback and it exceeded all my expectations. I also doubted how well the velcro would keep it still, but the thing doesn’t move at all. If you’d like fuller sound and some good thump, but want the simplicity of having it in one package, then get this guy. And while it doesn’t take up a crazy amount of room, I do appreciate the quick disconnects in case I need to temporarily reclaim some space in the back.

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  17. Christina Kuczera

    Richtig gute Verarbeitung , bester Sound .

    Wer auf der Suche nach einem kompakten SUBWOOFER mit richtig Boom ist . Sofort kaufen 👌

  18. GiannijoedevNYC

    Box fell apart in a little over 6 months.

    Bought this Fosgate box to upgrade a stock lexus system to add a little more bass. I’ve used Fosgate products since their early days and have always sworn by them. It definitely upgraded my stock Lexus system and made my ride to work more enjoyable. That was until today. I open my trunk and the Box had fallen apart . I have a black car it was 90 degrees and I’m guessing the glue that closes the box together became unstable. To make matters even worse when the Box fell apart the power to the Box stayed on and drained my battery. Anyone with push button start knows that when your battery dies basically everything in the car does too. Including access to the car with the key fob. I had to call my mechanic on a holiday and have him come and jump start my car and disconnect the main fuse to the Box. In our troubleshooting efforts we connected a voltage meter to the car battery and when the box was connected the battery would drain and when the box was disconnected it would maintain power. So here I am stuck with a box that fell apart and a nice bill from my mechanic. I really expected better from Rockford Fosgate.

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  19. Bob

    Increible sonido, profundidad, nitidez y calidad

    Definititivamente recomiendo este subwoofer, la calidad de su sonido es excelente supero por mucho mis expectativas, si estas dudando en comprarlo o no, no lo pienses. Despues de probar con otros 2 subwoofers planos debajo del asiento (aunque este es un poco mas grande), no hay comparacion en cuanto a profundidad, nitidez y calidad del sonido.

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  20. Buddyrock

    The best in my book

    A must have if you need that bass and the room . I have a small trunk and use to have a box with two 10 inch subs a amp that pretty much took the hole trunk space I couldn’t even get to my spare tire but now with this little baby I have the space and able to get to my spare with no prob and can’t forget about that bass this lil box haves it all and sounds just like when I had the big box… this is worth it trust me

  21. AJ

    Added bass to my stock sound system

    I used this to add bass to my 2016 toyota corolla, which from factory has no bass at all. I was able to install it with an amp install kit, I like that it has an auto on off feature and a bass knob to tune the bass. Great quality and enough bass for me! I would purchase agai

  22. Dean Park

    Great bass in a small package.

    Impressive bass for a small enclosure. I was a little apprehensive buying an all-in-one sub/amp/box combo, but it all just works well together. Tight bass even at low gain. I’m using the speaker level inputs to turn on automatically (as opposed to RCA inputs and remote) and it works great. I think my radio pops when the doors unlock, so it’s already on when I start my truck and it’s ready to go. It shuts off after about a minute after turning it off, so there is no battery drain.I would not recommend this for most pickup trucks though, unless you had an access cab/extra cab or crew cab plus. I have it in a 2015 Tacoma Double Cab (pretty roomy behind the seats) and I thought I measured well enough, but apparently not. The dimensions on here are accurate; my measurements, not so much. I had to remove the plastic panels behind the seat, remove the seat completely and add 1″ spacers to the seat latch and the seat bolts, so now one seat sits more forward than the other. I put the sub in and then installed the seat over it. On the bright side, it’s not getting stolen in a parking lot… unless the thieves had the tools to remove my seats.

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  23. Jeffrey Conradson

    Did not last long

    Died after very little usage. Heed everyone’s warning on this sub and do not buy it. I agree sounded great and price was great but 1st unit died after a week and Amazon replaced it. The second unit worked for about 3 weeks before I put my boat in storage and this summer now only rumbles really loud and shakes everything. Called tech support and they said it was a bad amp. What a waste of time. Amazon was zero help since it was past 90 days. I wish the unit worked for 90 days!

  24. Jon H.

    Huge upgrade!!

    Much better than expected!! Bought this for my 2014 Jeep Wrangler with stock deck. It’s too big to fit under the rear seats, but it fits perfect behind the drivers seat and I left the wires long enough to move to the rear cargo area for when the rear seat is occupied by passengers. It sounds amazing even with the top and doors off!! I installed it most of the way myself with an amp kit. Then I had a car stereo shop hook it up to the speakers in the sound bar, and since I ran the power through the firewall and the ground and level control wire and mounted the control knob myself, they only charged me 60 bucks to do the rest! This is exactly what my Jeep needed! You won’t be disappointed at all! Only problem now is I’m aching to replace the stock 6” speakers and tweets with kickers!! :))

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  25. Intermixture

    Amazingly awesome little sub, but PLEASE READ FIRST

    I had this sub in my car for 3 weeks before I got it to turn on for the first time and 10+ hours of frustrating, hair pulling installation hours spread out over the course of those 3 weeks could have been spared had I just known a few simple things to begin with.Bear in mind, I work with audio and live sound for a living, so I thought this would be cake. But car audio installation is a different beast. So here’s my 2 cents that might save another customer hours of aggravation if they plan to install this themselves.1) get an ANL fuse that can handle 60-80 amps. Running 8 gauge power to your battery with no additional fuse to separate it from the source can be dangerous and the fuses in the sub aren’t going to cover this.2) this sub had a BUILT IN LINE OUT CONVERTER, therefore you do NOT need one of those little LOC boxes that most people buy for their subwoofer and amp kits.HOWEVER, The cables that come with the sub make you THINK you need one because they are RCA female to high level speaker input.But there’s a bridge within the amp itself and you will need to cut this cables RCA ends off and splice the R positive and L positive, R negative and L negative into your cars speaker harness using a T-TAP and quick connect that you can get from any advance auto parts.3) Tap the high level input into your cars existing subwoofer, NOT YOUR REAR OR DOOR SPEAKERS, or it will sound like crap.4) you DO NOT NEED TO RUN A REMOTE WIRE. This was my mistake but I misread the instructions and wasted SO much time attempting to run a remote wire to my head unit and fuse box that I didn’t even need, because at the high level input it has an intelligent turn on that senses audio and turns the sub on by itself.Break the sub in slowly, do not turn up the setting for a few days and let that speaker move air without going crazy. Once it’s broken in, enjoy the little powerhouse that this lightweight little sub is. In my Civic Si it rattles my windows and fills the car with the most crystal clear, tight heavy bass without being overwhelming. It’s perfect!!

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  26. Cortney L.

    My opinion only,if you want very little bass,alot less than what you’d expect,purchase this.

    I have owned Rockford Fosgate “PUNCH”car audio equipment for nearly 30 years and have always been more than satisfied until today. I purchased this for my wife as a Christmas gift, who wanted a bit of bass in her 2017 mustang. After all of my searching for a powered sub enclosure I came across this my absolute favorite name brand “PUNCH” and purchased. Today I did the install, made all the proper adjustments and “BOOM” sounds like total crap, my JBL Bluetooth speaker sounds better than this. Never again will I purchase Rockford Fosgate equipment. I can only hope that I can recoup some of my money spent to put towards something that sounds better than this. I am more than disappointed in this little set up and believe that I should have done some research on it before purchasing. I cannot express how unhappy that I and and embarrassed that even my wife cannot believe that I purchased something that sounds so bad. You get what you pay for.

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  27. DreamCrusher

    Sounds really good

    I purchased one for my commuter car. I liked it so much, I bought one for my other car. One car has an aftermarket radio and the other a stock radio. Both sound really good and deliver a really good amount of bass. I usually keep the knob halfway up. Cranking it up all the way would be too much bass for my liking (If I was 16 again, it’d be a different story).Overall, I really enjoy the clean tight bass.

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  28. Eddie ballez

    Great product

    Have this in a 02 Tacoma extended cab it sounds amazing. Little to no knowledge needed to install

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  29. Trevor

    Excellent sub/amp. Crisp and clear bass!

    This is an excellent sub/amp all in one. It has loud, crisp, clear bass. It’s not going to win any competitions by any stretch of the imagination. If you’re looking for a great sounding, practical, space saving sub, this is for you! I love that it comes with a bass knob, and if you need to take it out of your vehicle, there is a connector that just unlatches quick and that’s it. Very impressed well done Rockford Fosgate

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  30. David

    Incredible bass for the price.

    Holy smokes, this thing sounds awesome in my pontoon boat. I already had a Rockford Fosgate amp driving the speakers, but it was missing that bass when sitting in the boat. Off the boat, standing in the sand bar, you could hear the music, but you couldnt feel it – until I put this sub woofer into the pontoon. Now, you can feel the thump on and off the boat. I have already received several comments from other boaters that it sounds so good. Very pleased with this sub.

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  31. alexmom2

    More than enough bass for you (but less for the rest of the block)

    Got the 12″ version of this and it hits plenty hard in my four door sedan! As others have said, this will not win any SPL competitions but is MORE than enough to fill out the sound of a modern stock car system. The bass boost manages plenty of bass even when the stock radio is pulling back on the bass due to its sub par speakers. I was concerned that I would need a good quality line out unit but this handles the drop in bass output just fine. Auto on/off via speaker output works well and turns the amp off with the car so there is no need to run the ACC line. In summery, you will not be the guy that you hear coming down the street (which is fine by me), but inside the cabin you will get a hearty bass massage.

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  32. Maninder Singh Bhogal

    Great Product.

    Ensure you get proper 8AWG power wires from Rockford itself. Don’t buy the cheap junk Boss kit, it is a fire hazard. I can’t believe they sell this junk risking people’s lives, yes I am referring to the boss kit. Rockford is awesome!

  33. Erik Snow

    Beautiful sound.. love this sub amp combo. Not sure about durability unfortunately.

    This sub/box/amp combo sounds incredible… it was exactly what I was looking for to add some depth to the low end in my car audio setup. I originally rate this system 5 stars for ease of install, compact design, and crisp, punchy bass performance at a great price.I purchased my p300 at the end of 2016… I never “pushed” it. (I don’t love boomy, overpowering bass) Fast forward to the end of 2018 – The amp has stopped functioning. I called RF, and was told the 1 year warranty was up, so my only option is to replace the amp in the unit to the tune of 85$. Kind of a bummer.I have enjoyed the great sound from this setup, but two years seems way too short a life for a powered subwoofer setup nowadays. The amp/sub combination should be mated for longevity as well as SQ. I was told that this issue isn’t a “common” one, and obviously many other people have had great experiences with this sub too. I’m just not sure I can justify paying to replace an amp every two years.

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  34. Aaron

    Great sub

    Pretty easy to install on 6th gen civics, took me 30 minutes to run all needed wires, its pretty slim, and for a 300 watt sub it shakes my car pretty good I love it

  35. Bportman


    Like others said if your trying to break windows this probably is not for you. If you have kids, need the extra room from time to time and just want a simple add on to your factory speakers then this is the perfect sub! I bought this for the quick disconnect, my dog carrier needs the whole trunk space. Took to a reputable shop for install, no remote wire or LOC needed since this has both built in!

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  36. David

    Easy to install, way more than you baragained for!

    I have been purchasing car audio equipment for my vehicles for 20 years. I bought this for my girlfriends Mitsubishi Outlander just to give her some “bass”. I expected something that was comparable to a factory sub or similar anyways. This is much more than that. By far the best $200 in car audio equipment available, hands down. This thing has some kick to it! Me and the installer were both blown away by this sub/amp combo. I will be recommending this to anyone trying to add to a factory system.

  37. I. Lukenda

    This is exactly what was needed in my conversion van …

    This is exactly what was needed in my conversion van. Previous “sub” was 6.5 inches kind of ‘bazooka’ powered sub. It did not have “sub” nor ‘power’. This sub is quite enough to produce 110dB clear, linear power distribution through the van and even had an extra power. So, it’s leveled off to about 2/3 of max. for pleasant sound. Length of the remote regulator is quite long enough to reach dashboard and the sub under the rear seat.

  38. Tom O’Connell

    Great addition for a stock or close to stock system.

    Sounds good and is a great addition to a basic stereo. It would be a 5 star for me, but it isn’t as strong as others had made it sound. I’m using it in a full sized Bronco and it sounds good when you turn it up, but it is a little weak when listening at lower levels. I’m still tweeking, but I kind of wished I would have gotten the 12″.For comparison, it isn’t quite as precise and as strong as the 10″ Kicker with a 300W amp that I have in another truck.

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  39. Ricky Davis

    Install was pretty straightforward, especially if you have ever installed a …

    So far I am really enjoying this. Install was pretty straightforward, especially if you have ever installed a subwoofer before. I was a little uncertain to begin with but after a few days of tweaking the settings I am very satisfied. Does just what others have said….fills in the missing lows very nicely. I have the remote gain hooked up so I can sit in the driver’s seat and turn the subwoofer all the way down to compare what it would sound like without it. The difference is amazing. And on the off chance anyone needs to know, it fits perfectly under the rear seat of an extended cab 2002 Silverado.

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  40. Fatso

    Easy Install, Plenty of bass, classic RF “Punch” sound I loved in the 1990s!

    In the mid 1990s, I had two RF Punch 12s in a bandpass enclosure, driven by a Punch amp. It was amazing. Here I am in my 40s, missing that kick in my commute. Thus, I ordered the P300-12 for Father’s Day. The next day I installed it in my mid-life commuter car–a Toyota Prius. Yeah, that’s right–a Prius. It saved me 5k in gas last year… I’m over it. Anyway, the P300 exceeded my expectations, especially in a small car like this. I run around with the knob set at 50%, and it’s everything I remember RF being, except smoother and less bouncy than the bandpass I had in my lowrider. Definitely the booming-est Prius in the gated neighborhood. My wife suggested this purchase is the sign of a possible mid-life crisis. I told her it’s cheaper than a Corvette or a boat. She agreed. So if you see a cool Prius bumpin’ Bone Thugs n’ Harmony, driven by a responsible and practical man… that’s me.Oh… the install was easy. I followed the advice from previous reviews and ran a remote wire with the coax and everything worked great. I’m pretty sure this thing cracked my windshield due to the harmonic vibration of the rear-view, and I’m totally okay with that.

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  41. T. Gallagher

    Perfect size and sound… Awesome Sub!!!

    When I finally decided to get rid of my Kicker L5 that took up 3/4 of my trunk (but made your chest collapse at full volume), I decided to go with a powered sub to save space, but i didnt want to spend more than $200. I found this unit on Crutchfield for $300 and then checked Amazon and found it for almost half that and bought it. It takes up 1/8 of my trunk now and still hits hard and I only have the Gain up halfway and the Bass Boost at Minimum volume. The additional bass control is very convenient if you listen to different kinds of music. It makes it easy to adjust from rock bass to rap bass quickly. I’ve had a lot of sub systems over the years and this little gem is one of the best ones. I highly recommend it.

  42. Jon

    Sounds great for a short time.

    Sub lasted for a little over two months before completely failing. The side panel with the inputs detached itself (shoddy workmanship, thin plywood, thin screws, and adhesive) and I’m assuming the damage to the components inside or the sub itself busted as a result. Adhesive? It gets HOT in the summer where I live. The adhesive is going to melt. Why would you rely on that? Sub sounds greats but it won’t last more than a few months if you use it everyday. Not worth 200$.

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  43. rich

    Thump in the Trunk

    The quality and build on this amplified woofer is pretty damn good and sounds amazing. Its got some thump in the trunk and deep bass. It’ll shake your mirrors. The remote wire comes in handy with different bass applications. Way better than any other setup ive had. Tried the Kicker Hideaway and SSL Lo Pro and they sucked. This will suplement any system.EDIT: UPDATE 4-02-16This subwoofer really sounded great up until I threw in some Nine Inch Nails. I can now at least say that Nine Inch Nails killed my subwoofer. So this subwoofer lasted me about 6 months before it crapped out. I just downloaded the Nine Inch Nails recently and almost immediately it crapped out. So who’s to say if it woulda crapped out 6 months ago if I had Nine Inch Nails in my music bin. Dunno. So I guess if you can crank NIN and it doesn’t crap out your good to go. I did have everything cranked up on the woofer but thats whats its for…right.

  44. Dinosaur


    Good sound. Good quality. Come with the amp that saves me another round of shopping. I got the used one from Amaze Warehouse. Very good deal. After installing to the car, the packing materials are not important. I really like it.

  45. Double RReal

    Great product!

    The sub is awesome! Great sound and great punch. Be advised that you will need to find a way to anchor it down in the truck so it does not roll everywhere.

  46. Holger Seeck


    Kraftvoll und kompakt

  47. Jason

    Will never need anything more ever again!

    So I’ve always been one to try and get the “biggest and best” of anything, especially when it comes to sound. I’m a music maniac who always loves it too loud. As far as car audio, I never had anything less than dual 12″ subs pumpin’ 1000+W…. until I got my bro one of these P300-12’s for his first car. I’ve been so impressed with how good and strong these things sound for what they are, that I have actually been convinced I really don’t need anything bigger or louder or stronger ever again! I actually sold my old subs that I was saving for the next car (2×12″ COMP Kickers + 1000W Kenwood AMP) These things are all you’ll need I guarantee it! I recommend to ALL!

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  48. Jeff

    Surprisingly loud and clean

    Recently bought a ‘04 Town Car and the stock system just wasn’t cutting it, so I upgraded and got more than I expected. Installed Infinity KAPPA‘s in the doors and rear deck, they sounded alright until I added the Rockford Fosgate 400watt amp and they sound amazing, but was missing the lows I like, didn’t want too much bass so I went with the 10” sub, and wow it’s much more than I expected. After adjusting it to how I like it I was blown away at what a simple little 10” loaded enclosure can do, even while I’m breaking it in and not pushing it too hard it’s very clean and deep.I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for good sounding clean bass at a good price.

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  49. Eric

    I need good head unit


  50. Andy

    Great sub for the price with just the right features

    I read a lot of reviews and decided to go for it. It sounds great and connected easily. PS don’t buy the BOSS cable kit that they suggest because its crap. Get the install gear cable 8 gauge its good flexable and true 8 gauge. I bought the install gear wire and separate fuse, and 4 gold plated fuses. Hooked it up using my rear speaker high level inputs and it works awesome on “DC offset” for the power on feature. Two weeks into it the sub stopped working (or so I thought). Got out the volt meter and found that the fuse that came with the fuse holder was faulty (not blown) so I replaced it and its back in action. I like that I can use it with my stock stereo, I like that it has a auto on feature, I like that its not drawing much current (300-600watts). Over all if you want a little bump in the trunk and don’t want to spend too much go for it. I love it. I’m 36 and don’t need anyone looking at me but still like my dNb with BASS. Happy camper!

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Tanner Martell
Tanner Martell
Tom Inch
Tom Inch
DDF installed a Kenwood 10.1 inch floating panel display in my Toyota Tundra.. great job and thank you!
Amber P
Amber P
Gigi Laframboise
Gigi Laframboise
Had both of my cars rust proofing done here. Great service. Great job.
Robert Wigood
Robert Wigood
Steve Gibbs
Steve Gibbs
I initially bought a budget 8" subwoofer unit from them, and my expectations of its performance were unreasonable. I decided to upgrade to a 12" and they readily accepted my return and promptly prepared the 12" for me. Very happy with my purchase! I Would definitely recommend doing business with the folks at DDF. :D
Yogesh XD
Yogesh XD
Excellent service!
Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne
Really happy with the service on my vehicle. Very detail oriented. People friendly and knowledgeable
Luanne Webb
Luanne Webb
Doug and his staff were extremely helpful in keeping the issue I was having with my radio in perspective… Left the shop with my radio working… Special shout out to Dakota so kind & patient.. EXCELLENT customer service! Thank you so much! Highly recommend!
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