Rockford Fosgate R2-500X1 Prime 500 Watt Mono Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate R2-500X1 Prime 500 Watt Mono Amplifier

(41 customer reviews)


Availability: 17 in stock

Primed for Performance, the R2-500X1 is a 500 watt, class-D amplifier capable of operating at 4Ω or 2Ω mono. This amplifier is extremely efficient because of its Class-D technology which reduces demand on the vehicles electrical system. The amp also features C.L.E.A.N. circuitry to help you adjust your gain settings, a P.O.W.E.R. supply that generates more power as voltage increases, and integrated Punch EQ that corrects for acoustic deficiencies while delivering up to 3X the bass. Perfect for subwoofers, a variable infrasonic filter and remote level control allows you to tune the bass for the desired level for the music.

(41 customer reviews)


Availability: 17 in stock

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The R2 models were developed for car audio fanatics that want a reliable amplifier – with all the power and performance you’ve come to expect from Rockford Fosgate – at an economical price. Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are renowned world-wide for being “under rated,” easily surpassing all specifications, and most importantly, generating more power than their ratings. These 3rd generation of Prime Series amplifiers are refined with the latest Rockford Fosgate technology for easy setup and configuration, making them perfect for use with factory audio or custom aftermarket systems.

  • Balanced Differential Inputs with RCA Pass Through Outputs
  • High Level Input Capable
  • Auto-Sense bypass switch for vehicles with RAP (Retained Accessory Power)
  • Features C.L.E.A.N. Set-up
  • Variable Input Gain adjustment level
  • Includes RLC Remote Level Control
  • Variable Infrasonic Filter
  • Continuously Variable On Board Punch EQ
  • Top Mounted Control Panel
  • Short Circuit & Over Current Protection
  • CEA-2006 Compliant & CE Compliant
  • Cast aluminum heat sink
  • Class-D Topology
  • Rollback Protection
  • Fully Adjustable 12 dB/octave High and Low pass Butterworth Crossovers
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 41 reviews for R2-500X1 Prime 500 Watt Mono Amplifier

    1. Grahm Norton

      More power than you think

      Actually, 650 watts. A sheet comes with each fosgate amp. They test each one, cool that it’s underrated.

    2. Tony

      Great product

      Really nice amp (on the right). Came with a birth sheet of 630 WATTS RMS! I have it powering 2 JL audio subs and it does it well. No complaints. Rockford fosgate never lets me down. I have been buying their amps since the 90’s.

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    3. Stephane Fyfe



    4. antonio

      Knocking hard!

      This is a well put together amp. I have it pushing a 12W6v3 perfect combo!Helpful tuning feature as well!

      4 people found this helpful

    5. Yo RIZZO


      This rocks hard i wish i would got the 750 rms but still gain halfway and push LS7 12 solobaric

    6. Terrence

      Great amp for the money

      This amp is just what I needed to push my Alpine dvc 12” sub, with power to spare

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    7. Benjamin richard


      Good qualité

    8. Kendall Hunter


      Amp is very powerful! And the C.L.E.A.N helps so much when adjusting amp.

    9. Jeremy Sasser

      This Amplifier amazes me

      I am an electrical engineer and typically the larger the amp the better (meaning more MOSFETS, dual diodes, heat/thermal dissipation and other pre-amp electronics) I bought an R1 model of this amplifier and it absolutely amazed me. So I bought the R2 as well and I have to say these amps are so efficient, clean and worth the money. The electronics in the pictures are of the R2 amp, the difference between the R1 are the heatsink hold downs (which are better), a few of the electrolytic capacitors, the stand off board that wires to the main board and just the actual dimensions.

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    10. Shane Harrington

      Rockford fosgate never lets me down

      Sound quality is awesome, and the bass knob is great when you don’t want bass all the time. Great value for the money!!

      5 people found this helpful

    11. Michael F. Martinez

      What a surprise!

      Just wanted to chime in and confirm what others have already mentioned. I bought this little amplifier back in August and it is absolutely phenomenal. I have mine pushing one dual voice coil 10″ shallow mount P3 Rockford Fosgate subwoofer in a vented enclosure inside my 2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. The amp is not even breaking a sweat. In fact, the amp had to be turn way down because it was over powering the factory Bose system. It’s THAT loud! I’ve impressed my family and friends alike with the power that this thing makes. For a minimal investment, it REALLY has woke up the rest of my factory stereo system. I highly recommend this amp to anyone who wants a reliable and powerful amplifier that won’t break the budget.

    12. Keberos

      Bumps great in my Jeep Gladiator BRP box.

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

       Bumps great in my Jeep Gladiator BRP box. IG @trailstorm

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    13. Fivepoint Digital

      Best amp for the money out there.

      It works! Great paired with dual RF 10”.

    14. Yuh danny

      Rockford doesn’t disappoint

      Lil amp can push !!

    15. Stephen Hutchinson

      Well made amp at a great price!

      Very happy with this pushing a JL 12W6 perfectly. Good clean power.

      3 people found this helpful

    16. Sickone

      Great sound from a TRUE 500 watt Amp

      This amp works great coupled to my 2 Fosgate 12’s, the wattage rating is a true rating unlike most of the no name/off name brands that try to sell you a 1000 watt amp for 150, This Fosgate unit has a true wattage rating not like the cheap brands that don’t tell you the distortion levels on theirs are above 30% at the advertised wattage. Save time and money and get this Amp

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    17. Manuel

      Excellent Amplifier

      I took about a year to write this review because I really wanted to get a feel for the product before I said anything about it.I don’t have anything negative to say about this amp. I’m not running a competition system by any means but it power my JL 12″ sub very very well. With all the adjustment options that it has. The signal sent to the sub is very very clean.The sound itself is very crisp and precise. Theres no distortion whatsoever. The sub that I’m running has an optimal rms of 300 watts, which is right on the sweet spot for this amplifier.As long as it’s tuned properly and with a sub that’s within it’s optimal range, this amplifier is absolutely fantastic.

    18. Amazon Customer

      It rocks!

      This amp rocks. It’s compact and puts out clear sounds. It has no problem pushing my 500w sub.

    19. Shane

      Rocking little amp!!!

      Small and powerful. Running 2 Infinity slim 10’s at 2 ohm and they are pushed hard. Sounds great as a mono amp.

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    20. Wurship 7

      Hot Amp in More Ways Then One

      This is a very user-friendly amp. The instructions were very precise for connecting and calibrating. It also helps that it looks nice, so it’s a great display piece. My only issue is that it gets really hot so placement is crucial. I didn’t mount or run the remote because that’s above my pay grade. Gonna go with a professional For that.

    21. Chris

      Rockford rms is always under-rated.

      There’s nothing to dislike. This amp is amazing. Everything I needed and more.

    22. Jose

      Bad product

      Bad amp and they still charged me restocking fee for a bad product will never recommend this seller

    23. Michael Johnson

      Solid amp for a good price point

      This amp is just so good.

    24. Amazon Kunde

      Sehr kraftvoll

      Klein und kraftvoll

    25. Eric Lehmkuhl

      As advertised.

      So far so good. Everything I expected from Rockford. Hopefully I get Long life out of the product.

      One person found this helpful

    26. JohnDavidCalloway

      Best part is the power controller knob

      Bought this to power a jbl 12″ I got on black friday for $30. Couldn’t find an amp I trusted for ~$100 so I bit the bullet and got this RF amp. It’s in my old 98 C1500 and is great! They send a spec sheet from factory testing. Easy to wire up, easy to tune with all the CLEAN IN & CLEAN OUT lights on the amp. Great amp for my small setup. It’s pretty small compared to amps from 10-20 years ago.

      3 people found this helpful

    27. Jessie

      Premature failure, no solution.

      Failed within 6 months. Seller will not honor the warranty, and Rockford wants me to pay to ship it back, sit there for weeks or months to be repaired and then pay to have it shipped back to me. Poor quality, poor service, poor warranty procedures. I’ve been a long time loyal Rockford customer, but after all the money I’ve spent on their products I think its time to take my business elsewhere.

    28. chsaiz

      It’s a Fosgate product, you get what you pay for.

      What’s not to love about a Fosgate product! My wife bought me this for Christmas and when I opened up the box I was happy to the Birth Certificate said 630 watts of peak power! I am truly impressed with what this amp can handle. I currently have it installed in a 2006 Chevy Silverado and I am pushing a Kicker L7T 10″ and I haven’t even maxed it out yet and I am blown away with how great it sounds. I used a 4 awg Kicker Amp Install Kit and it all worked out perfect. I would recommend this Amp to anyone who is looking for an amp that does what it says it will and more.

    29. Angie sublime

      Lil bad bush

      Works amazing pushing 2 subs

    30. David W. Garza

      Rockford Fosgate never lets me down!

      Amazing sound, really moves my 10” DVC sub!

    31. t

      The best!!!!

      All i can say is DAMN ,quality bass ,is not a joke

    32. OlVaP377

      This baby bumps!

      Used this to take advantage of the full power of my Kicker sub. Got that baby shaking nearby cars!

    33. Hernan Cortes



    34. Stephanie

      Not impressed for the price!

      I had a skar audio amp running my 8″ jl audio zub in my jeep but the amp was to big to fit anywhere so I bought this Rockford Fosgate amp that would fit hopping it would replace the skar amp and fit properly. Unfortunately even tho they were the same cost the Rockford Fosgate was not even close to the same quality on sound to the sub very distorted and just sounds cheap. If you have room go for a better amp like a skar audio.

    35. Tom Caccitolo

      Bass amp

      Nice solid amp

      One person found this helpful

    36. Shaun Housley

      works great..great value

      fits great behind rear seat in my chevy crewcab and drives 2 10″ pioneer sobs great.. Great addition to my Bose factory system !

    37. Bzom-b

      Worthy of the name

      I have this amp pushing one kappa comp 10 inch 2 or 4 ohm sub. I’m running 2 ohms at 645 amps in a sealed box. It makes that sub pound. Like really pound. It’s incredible the sound that comes from one little amp. It’s tiny.Worth every penny.

    38. Paul J Venckus


      Great product

    39. william patrick


      Sounds amazing

    40. Kindle Customer

      A lot of power in a small amp

      This amp has a lot of power and the sq is really good, have two kicker 10’s at 2 ohm and this amp is perfect for them

    41. JES

      Love it

      Sound phenomenal

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    DDF installed a Kenwood 10.1 inch floating panel display in my Toyota Tundra.. great job and thank you!
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    Had both of my cars rust proofing done here. Great service. Great job.
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    I initially bought a budget 8" subwoofer unit from them, and my expectations of its performance were unreasonable. I decided to upgrade to a 12" and they readily accepted my return and promptly prepared the 12" for me. Very happy with my purchase! I Would definitely recommend doing business with the folks at DDF. :D
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    Excellent service!
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