Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25" 2-Way Full-Range Speaker

Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25" 2-Way Full-Range Speaker

(100 customer reviews)


Availability: 25 in stock

Prime 5.25″ 2-Way Full-Range Speaker

(100 customer reviews)


Availability: 25 in stock

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The 5.25″ Prime full-range speakers offer Rockford Fosgate sound quality at a fantastic value. Perfect for replacing factory speakers, they feature polypropylene cones and a silk dome tweeter. Includes grilles so they look as good as they sound.

  • Vacuum Polypropylene cone
  • Rubber surround
  • Stamped steel basket
  • Silk dome flush mounted tweeter
  • Integrated tweeter crossover
  • Grilles and mounting hardware included
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100 reviews for R1525X2 Prime 5.25" 2-Way Full-Range Speaker

    1. Brian Ensminger

      Ok for the price…

      Installed these in the front doors to my 94 mustang. They do provide a clear sound, but distort rather easily. I did not expect this from a Rockford product. These seem to be ok if you need a cheap set of replacement speakers, just dont expect very much.

    2. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      Great product, no problems so far.

    3. sammyricky

      high power better than factorys speakers.

      great speakers

    4. Jose

      good speakers just damaged

      Speaker worked out good but they were damaged and looked used.

    5. Amazon Customer

      Easy replacement for beat door speakers

      Signal goes in, sound comes out

    6. 7cjbill2

      Great sound for the money.

      Not sure how people say “lack of bass.” I had a Kenwood underseat subwoofer, which I wound up turning WAY down now because these speakers provide more than adequate bass in my doors of my Honda Civic. They mounted to a set of of speaker mounts I’d purchased elsewhere for the previous Planet Audio speakers Sound is a great improvement, and I’m very impressed for the price.

      7 people found this helpful

    7. Shyla Carswell

      Does not fit

      Does not fit behind the seats in a single cab ranger the magnet is to big

    8. Duane Gamble jr

      Five Stars

      Sounds really good in my TJ!

    9. Joshua B.

      will definitely buy them again

      best speakers ive ever had in my car.

    10. Scott

      Just what I expected from Rockford Fosgate

      Using these for replacement speakers on my motorcycle. Sound great!

    11. hansonjon17

      Incredible value

      Great sound, well built. Handles plenty of power. Seem durable and perfect for oem upgrade. Only going is the baskets are much wider and deeper than most oem speakers. So in some applications the recessed area under the speaker will need to be cut larger.

    12. Paul Lester

      Adequate speakers for an old car

      I am no audiophile so they sound fine to me. I put them in the doors of a 1971 MGB. They needed to be thin to fit and these fit the bill just fine. They came with all the hardware I needed and the speaker wire in much longer length than necessary for my application. I play mostly 50s and 60s rock and pop so they work fine for me. If you want obnoxious window rattling base they may not be what you want.

    13. johnny

      sounds good

      love the way it sounds

    14. Dallas

      stock 6×8 or 5×7 replace them with these babies !! great speaker

      i put these in my 1997 f 150 and love them !! what a big difference of sound and nice bass too. compliments my bazooka sub great speakers would buy them again.great price get speaker…i wish i could have used the ford speaker connectors , gonna send them back dont need them.

      5 people found this helpful

    15. whatever

      Excellent speakers for the application

      Beats the factory speakers for sure. That’s to be expected from after-market.At 5.5″, full range, you get what you expect…. the full spectrum of sound. You’re not going to get thumping bass, you’re going to get clear sound.This is my second time buying these for a Jeep. I am going to buy another set to do the front speakers.

      22 people found this helpful

    16. Karen J Walker

      Lots of cheaper ones out that sound as good.

      Look good sounds good but had to modify mounting Holes. The car I put them in says 5 and 1/4 holes. The Speaker says 5.25 so should be the same but they were actually a bit shorter than the screw holes. Had to open the end of Speaker mounting holes and use washers to clamp them in place. Not using them as blaster’s just music .

    17. Mike

      Good bang for the buck

      Using in my trailer to replace the stock speakers. What an upgrade in sound and at a great price. My receiver is a turd, so the speakers can only help so much. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Even so, nice improvement in sound and clarity.

    18. Lee


      Lacks bass but sounds better with amp.

    19. Jameson North

      Good mid and treble, disappointing bass

      Many have commented something similar, and I was nervous about it during install: bass performance. In short, bass is really lacking on these speakers. The mids and highs are pretty clear, much better than the stock speakers these replaced. I used a pair of 6.5 3-way and a pair of 5.25 2-way speakers in a 2nd generation Subaru Forester. Clarity is much improved, and the sound is less muddy. Very crisp and sounds good, but the bass is just missing. I have my factory stereo set to it’s maximum bass setting, and it’s significantly less than the terrible stock speakers were at standard bass settings (one of the stocks was even damaged). I’m installing a new head unit soon, and am hoping a higher quality unit will help with the bass, because I’ll need to look into adding a subwoofer otherwise.If you’re getting the 6×9 speakers, you might be OK on bass, but I’d look elsewhere if you like bass and can’t install a sub. Overall I’m happy with the speakers, with the one notable exception.Update: New head unit didn’t help. Speakers need subs. Still decent speakers for the price.

    20. miguel

      Good entry level

      Good sound

    21. C.O.

      Great replacement speakers

      Replaced the speakers in my 05 mustang with these, night and day difference, as good as some alpine’s Ive had in different vehicles.

    22. Mason Hatfield

      Five Stars


    23. Chad H.

      Great set of speakers for the price

      Speakers sound great over my factory speakers. Just a tad more bass a much crisper. Great speaker for the price. Just a tad small on factory size but they worked in my 98 ford contour svt

    24. Joshua

      These sound great. Granted I was replacing Blown Out speakers in …

      These sound great. Granted I was replacing Blown Out speakers in my Jeep XJ so probably anything would sound good at that point. Price is right as well.

      One person found this helpful

    25. Bill

      Rockford fosgate always delivers!

      Put into an 87 Ranger, replacing 4″ speakers after some modification. These play way louder and bring out way more detail! I’m stoked with this purchase! They are powered by a pioneer head unit, accompanied by a rockford fosgate12″ p3 shallow sub powered by the rf pbr300 mono amp. My sound system is now the best part of my old 87 ranger.

    26. Mr. APGalaxy

      Very impressive for this price range

      I’ve bought these speakers to replace the factory speakers in two different vehicles now. They sound great and pump out a lot of bass, very impressive for this price range. No problems after two years in one vehicle so I didn’t hesitate to purchase again, and wouldn’t for the next vehicle either.

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    27. kiel martin

      Good product

      Sound quality good I got wrong size for car and still made it work so I’m happy

    28. Campbell

      Great speakers

      Used these in my can-am defender an they are perfect

    29. Kurt Doerfel

      Weak bass. Only good if you’re cutting out the bass and using these as mid-range speakers.

      These speakers dont deliver clean bass. The same size factory speaker in my 2000 Park Ave deliver such better, cleaner, pumping bass than these. I only needed one because the car came with a blown speaker. Pretty disappointed. Gonna be looking for a factory OEM speaker on eBay.This is probably only a good speaker to use if you’re gonna use a sub and cut out the low end in these because it seems the kick in any music will have these physically clipping. Ugh

      One person found this helpful

    30. Gretchen Allison

      So much better than stock

      So much better than stock, its insane. I wish I’d gotten 2 more to do the back. This is the FIRST upgrade you should do to your car audio, if anything.

    31. Drake A.

      Not the best speakers out there, but amazing value

      I am not an audiophile, but I bought these to replace some really old and bad speakers in my 2006 Mazda. The audio quality is easily twice as good as it was before, and if you have the right tools, replacing your speakers is not that hard if you are handy. I can definitely hear how they could be better, but you really can’t argue the price.

      One person found this helpful

    32. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      Great speakers, on time delivery, easy installation. Quality sound

    33. Alex

      Fair speakers, fairer price

      Bed finitely an upgrade in my 2001 F-350 Super Duty from the stock speakers. Definitely worth the $30 bucks

    34. Ian M.

      No bass; you need a subwoofer with these. …

      No bass; you need a subwoofer with these. Maybe hold off on replacing bigger speakers with these until you have a subwoofer.

    35. Veedesign

      Great sound for your dollar.

      I wanted a good pair of speakers for my son’s pickup. These fit perfectly in the front doors of his 97 Ranger. Running it with a Kenwood receiver they sound amazing for what I paid for them. I chose these over other speakers because of the silk dome tweeters. Silk domes always give you a very natural sound in the higher frequency and these don’t disappoint. Base sounded surprisingly good for there size once we made a few adjustments at the receiver, we were both very satisfied with the sound. Highly recommend these, best bang per buck.

      One person found this helpful

    36. Terry Mac

      Good quality at a reasonable price

      Great speakers for the price, huge improvement over original equipment.

    37. Amazon Customer

      Sound good, don’t forget the wire harness,

      Sounds good for the money. I installed in my 1998 f-150 no issue. Be sure to order Metra 72-5512 Speaker Harness. (Amazon says won’t fit but worked perfect in my truck. Install was easy and I’m an idiot on this stuff.

    38. Misty Simon



    39. T. Klemm

      There ok

      There ok for a replacement speaker, really only worth 15.00. I should have gone with my first instinct and bought cerwin-vegas.

    40. Seal-Tech

      Rockford Fosgate Prime 5.25 Speakers Review

      Great Quality and Fidelity. Very satisfied with the sound from these 5.25 inch speakers. Very balanced in frequencies and clear sounding.

    41. Moneyave

      GOOD BUY

      Speakers came on time…. They sound very good…. I bought 4 of them……. Nice mids and highs….. I am ordering 4 more for my truck……

    42. Amazon Customer

      Complete garbage.

      Absolutely garbage. Installed two sets (front and rear) in my 2000 Harley Davidson to upgrade the cheap, 19 year old factory installed speakers and the sound quality wasnt much better. The real kicker is they didnt even last 3 hours with my stock factory stereo on half bass, half treble and half volume. I’d love my money back but I doubt that’ll happen.

      2 people found this helpful

    43. Amar67

      Good quality for the money

      Decent quality for the price. Had to snip off the rounded hole for the screws to make it fit in my car.

    44. Roberto Ascoli

      Works great

      Awesome product, fast and easy.

    45. Kevin Mauricien

      … my mustang 2011 with shaker 500 and sound better than

      put it in my mustang 2011 with shaker 500 and sound better than factory

    46. Ben Teal

      Was Disappointed

      Bought these to replace the company rear speakers in my truck. These were about the same price as the Pioneers I had put in the front. They were simple to put in, but when I started to test them out, I was disappointed. I was hoping for more bass in the back and had heard that these would provide that (according to the Crutchfield rep), but they had very little bass response compared to the Pioneers. The sounded very flat with very little punch or clarity across the board. Can do much better for the price.

      One person found this helpful

    47. Chris S

      Easy to install in my 86′ 4Runner, sound great!

      Needed to replace my crappy rear bed speakers and wanted to upgrade to something with a bit more power. These swapped in easily with plenty of mounting options to fit wherever I needed them to go. Direct swap on my existing wiring harness, took longer to take off the plastic quarter panels than to install these.These aren’t the most expensive speakers in the world but they can crank up pretty hard and still sound clean and clear without distortion. I mainly listen to talk radio or rock and both come through with great range and clarity. Super pleased with how these have held up for 5 years now without any issue and still sounding strong.

    48. Maize

      Comes with speaker wire!

      These sound great and install easily. The come with speaker wire. I wish I had known that before I ordered some.

    49. Bryan

      Best speakers for the price

      Bought these for my party barge. Sound is great

    50. Moe

      Five Stars

      Just buy them, cant go wrong for 35 bucks.

    51. Eric contreras

      bought 2 sets of them and one didn’t work

      bought 2 set of this an one of them just blow with out no effort but the zound great

    52. Jesse

      Absolutely terrible, worse than OEM

      After reading multiple reviews I thought I was being pretty smart getting these Fosgates — “best in the industry” “huge upgrade from OEM” etc. etc…Imagine my surprise when these “full-range speakers” produce something like, 250hz – 2khz, at about a third of the volume of my OEM Honda speakers… nothing but quiet, muffled mud. VERY disappointing, to say the least.I would be very hesitant to buy these speakers unless your other alternative is no speakers at all.

    53. Gavin Godfrey

      Quality and affordable

      Very quality sounding speakers at an affordable price

    54. PapaSam

      Part of a chorus of sound.

      As part of a 16 speaker array in a 2003 Corvette convertible they do a great job! Mounted in the rear stock location immediately behind the seats and along with two enclosure mounted 8″ DVC sub-woofers, two 5.25″ Morel mid range and two 2″ tweeters, these puppies work in concert with the other speakers to fill out the total audio range. They are powered off the head units 22 watts per ch. rear speaker out puts. The other speakers are on a separate 900 watt amp so not to be over driven. As a stand alone speaker, they would perform well I am sure. As a believer that the more audio drivers the better, just as a chorus sounds better than a solo, the db rating and full range capability make them a great match up in this setting.

      One person found this helpful

    55. Anna

      Good quality

      It took me and boyfriend roughly 2 hours to install 4 speakers. Sound quality is pretty good. Bass quality impressed me! Overall a good speaker!

    56. Chans Abadie


      I put 4 of these in my f350 and it gives me the sound I need.

    57. hiram edwards

      Five Stars

      Great sound, nice clarity

    58. Day

      Better than kicker…

      Rockford always delivers, if deciding between these and kicker, these are the way to go

    59. Jacob

      Well worth it

      Great speakers, easy to install, sound terrific for what they cost. Highly recommended for those who dont want much , bought for brother, thinking about grabbing a pair for myself

    60. Jake Conley

      Great Set of Speakers

      These speakers worked great to replace my manufacturer speakers in my 96 Ford Explorer, great deep base, very easy to install, would highly recommend to anyone who needs a goo set of speakers!

    61. brad ritenour

      Sounded good for 2

      DO NOT BUY THESE SPEAKERS. Sounded good for 2.5 months. Now there blown. Garbage

      3 people found this helpful

    62. Amazon Customer

      Easy to install

      I love the speakers, total difference from the factory speakers.

    63. Audiophile

      Sound Great!

      Put these in my wife’s Jeep and they sound fantastic!

    64. MaxBeast4Z

      Excellent quality sounds good

      Excellent quality speakers sounds great I put them on my rear doors and it sounds excellent recommend

      One person found this helpful

    65. Chet Eginoire


      A minor upgrade from factory speakers. Not bad for $50 but don’t expect anything great.

    66. D.Rock


      Outstanding!! The perfect replacement for factory speakers if using the factory head unit. They are powerful, super clear and low wattage (which is ideal for a factory unit). I also got the 6×9s for the rear. I spent only $100 and have a powerful Hifi system! What a value!

    67. Uncle Pauly

      Another satisfied custmer

      Great sound & quality price is right…… Installed them in my 2005 ultra classic , replaced the rear speakers.

      8 people found this helpful

    68. dakotah woolsey


      Garbage! Speakers didn’t work

    69. Troy Splann

      Fantastic speakers

      Wow. I’ve never had a set of speakers make so much difference to a stock factory stereo before. Magic speakers, I’ll get more for the front soon!

    70. Uriel

      Three Stars

      Mounting holes didn’t align perfectly with factory holes. Manufacturer should revise design.

    71. Some guy

      Great 5″ speaker

      I used a pair of these in the front kick panel areas of my 54 chevy, along with a pair of 6x9s in the back and the sound is great. The car only had a single speaker in the dash originally, so I’m not trying to compare the sound to it. I tried a set of Boss speakers and they were pretty terrible. These RFs sound really good on their own for what they are, and make a great pairing with a larger 3-way speaker. Not that you would use it, but they also came with pre-terminated wires.

      2 people found this helpful

    72. Mayhaw

      awesome speaker awesome price

      Speakers are amazingly clear on a amp. Highly Recommended

    73. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      Installed and they work great, much better sound than the originals without any other upgrade to system

      One person found this helpful

    74. Yellow Fin

      Almost No Bass Sound

      If you’re looking for bass out of these speaker save your money and look to another manufacturer. It’s almost non-existent with these speakers.

      One person found this helpful

    75. Gary Smith

      Happy Customer

      Sound good, put them in the rear doors of my Ford Expedition.

    76. Amazon Customer

      Arrive before

      Sounds great big improvement from stock Harley Davidson speakers. Nice communication from seller . Thanks

    77. electronics for fun


      they have a bit of an AM radio sound to them, I am going to try and play with the phasing on them to see if there might be a crossed wire on the stock harness somewhere because the treble is really muddy. if I can fix the problem then I will fix my review but for now I am not that impressed. they sound like the stock speakers just with more bass.

    78. jessica haller

      Great quality

      Fantastic sounding speakers for the price . Buying more to install in other vehicles now.

    79. Joe C.


      Wow. Ive run RFs before, but these little 5.25s surprised me. Incredibly clean sound, and they deliver a shocking hit of bass. Perfect no-modification install in the doors on my 92 XJ.

    80. Nic

      Easy Upgrade

      Put these in speakers in my partners Ford transit connect. The van only has two speakers and these sound significantly better than the stock ones.

    81. hector salinas

      sound good

      used on the rear panels of a 95 ram, a bit bigger than the originals…i bolted them with only 1 bolt, held up fine

    82. Amazon Customer

      Five Stars

      They are great sound super clear fit perfectly thank yall for a great price as well

    83. Brenden l.

      Would buy again

      Premium sound at a fair price . I got the 6x8s and man for just being a speaker they thump pretty good too .

    84. Granny

      Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2

      Sound quality is average with a Alpine power pack powering it. Bass isn’t that great, this is a entry level speaker set. Install is easy, but a PITA, because the screw holes aren’t open ends. So you can’t use the screws that come with and have to source your own. Also you need to install speakers with the screws going in diagonally. If the screw holes were open ends? You could use the included screws and the install would be easier.

    85. technologist

      Easy to install


    86. J. Stragalinos

      Dont sound like 2-ways

      Quality wise they look good but, the sound is not that of a 2-way speaker. They sound like 1-ways without a Tweeter

    87. Rutland K


      They sound great, easy install

    88. Mike W.

      Five Stars

      Phenomenal sound over stock.

    89. Kevin Larkin

      Solid Speakers

      I really like these speakers. They sound awesome running off a after market JVC deck.

    90. Dale billinger

      Great deal for the price


    91. alisha


      Great product for my 08 ford crisp sound and great bass when paired with an amplifier

    92. Sophie

      Five Stars

      Great love Rockford

    93. Amazon Customer

      Two Stars

      Bought to sets and now only one set plays

    94. James E. Whatley

      Perfect fit in my Mazda 3 Style I

      I bought 4 of these to replace the factory speakers in my 2006 Mazda 3 Style I. The cones on the originals were all blown due to water seeping onto the paper cones from above. These speaker fit perfectly. To protect them from water, I fashioned some rain shields from plastic canisters and used aluminum HVAC foil tape to secure them into the openings before mounting the speakers. I suppose only time will tell if my rain shields work. But love the speakers, they have great sound.

      2 people found this helpful

    95. blah blah

      nice speakers, sound very good

      nice speakers, sound very good. especially since my stock one was blown out.these were used to replace the stock back seat speakers in my 1996 F250 extra cab 4×4.the magnet on one side bottomed out and was hitting the inside of the body. so i put some washers between the speaker and mounting holes to space it out. this was on the passenger side. the driver side bolted right in with no issues.

    96. dAmADtECH

      Darn good quality & better than factory by miles!

      Grandson finally got a “new” Ford Ranger and of course, things to do. One surprise for him was new Rockford Fosgate speakers because the old ones sure were tired. These fit well in the truck behind the seats, installed simple for him with Metro speaker wiring adapters and good grills but hidden of course. Even with the factory head unit, these weren’t bad by any means. Now it’s normal for factory head units that really clip if pushed to high but not bad if left at a reasonable sound level. He likes them and they do well and the price was very reasonable. They’re not as crazy awesome as my RF Punch series in my Bonnie but they do their thing!

    97. Drew P.

      The highs are there but theyou work best with subs and a set of

      They perform extremely well as a mid range component. The have ZERO bass. The highs are there but theyou work best with subs and a set of tweeters

    98. Melicious Maniac

      Beautiful and well made speakers

      Sexy speakers. Small size yet they can bump pretty hard. I am putting them inside a mobile stereo system.

      One person found this helpful

    99. Mark

      work well

      sound good

    100. Amazon Customer

      the fit was perfect both front and back

      The Rockford R168X2 Prime 6 x 8’s were purchased to replace failed aftermarket speakers (Polk and Pioneer) of a 1997 Mazda B4000; the fit was perfect both front and back. The sound is crisp and clear. Excellent sound quality for the price. I highly recommend this product.

      One person found this helpful

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    DDF installed a Kenwood 10.1 inch floating panel display in my Toyota Tundra.. great job and thank you!
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    Had both of my cars rust proofing done here. Great service. Great job.
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    Steve Gibbs
    I initially bought a budget 8" subwoofer unit from them, and my expectations of its performance were unreasonable. I decided to upgrade to a 12" and they readily accepted my return and promptly prepared the 12" for me. Very happy with my purchase! I Would definitely recommend doing business with the folks at DDF. :D
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    Excellent service!
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    Really happy with the service on my vehicle. Very detail oriented. People friendly and knowledgeable
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