Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X12 Prime 12" R2S Shallow Loaded Enclosure

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X12 Prime 12" R2S Shallow Loaded Enclosure

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 15 in stock

The R2S-1X12 is a single 12” shallow enclosure with 250 Watts RMS power handling wired to a 2-Ohm load. The enclosure is constructed with 5/8” MDF, covered in high density carpet, and features quick release compression terminals.

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 15 in stock

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When you have no space for bass, our PRIME R2S 12″ shallow loaded enclosure is sure to be a perfect fit for your ride and your budget. These shallow loaded enclosures can fit in tight spaces due to the slim-line depth of 3.25″ on the top and 5.25″ on the bottom. The wedge design is optimized for single-cab trucks with limited seat travel. Are you ready to rock out? Yeah, we thought so.

  • Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
  • Covered with high density carpet
  • High current binding posts
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 50 reviews for R2S-1X12 Prime 12" R2S Shallow Loaded Enclosure

    1. Nic Denman


      Item is exactly as expected and would but again if needed. Always happy with Rockford Fosgate products.

    2. KRR

      Happy with purchase

      Fits good, sounds good

    3. BB

      sounds good for a small box

      Getting a decent SW in a small box. Decent sound

    4. Amazon Customer

      Busted after 2 weeks

      Had this installed for about 2 weeks before it started going in and out until it stopped working all together. It sounded great while it lasted. Now I’m struggling to find their return policy!

    5. leo hernandez



    6. CD

      Fit great and sounds awesome!

      Love this set up. They fit perfectly behind the seat of my 87 R10 without moving the seat forward and they sound great! 🔊🔉🤘🏾

      11 people found this helpful

    7. drew adams

      Great sound, great size, great price

      Bought this on sale for $140 and set it up with a Boss R1100M monoblock amp and Boss wire install kit. Installing the actual sub was a breeze – it fit really well behind my rear seat and the wires were a breeze to plug in because of the terminals. It’s heavy enough that it won’t slide across my carpet, but light enough that it’s not awkward to lift or put in place. Sounds great and the sucker bumps!Caveats: – I’m by no means an audiophile – I love the bump this sub puts out, but I’m also not trying to launch my car to the moon. – I’m currently running 4 (one is dead, so really 3) 6×9 blaupunkts (x2 in front, x2 in back) in the car and the sound quality wasn’t that great to begin with. Adding the sub added a little more umph and makes it sound a million times better.Everything I bought with this:amp: install kit:

    8. B. Bonewell

      Sounds clear with great bass. Installed in a ’04 Yukon XL underneath …

      Sounds clear with great bass. Installed in a ’04 Yukon XL underneath the larger half of the center row of seats. Just enough added bass for my family wagon on a factory Bose system.

    9. Happy Singh

      Fits best in xuv500

      Good for xuv500

      One person found this helpful

    10. Jay

      It’s good for a small area

      Not happy with it. Wanted to return but they don’t take returns.

    11. HKiyota

      Fits tundra crew cab 2017

      Fits perfectly in a tundra crew max and Cheaper then buying from sound shopBut don’t have a option to up grade sub to a p3 punch

      One person found this helpful

    12. Buddha Noir


      All I can say is, wow!!!! This is obviously an entry level sub and a shallow sub at that! But, let me tell you, this sub kicks a donkey’s nick name. Wow!! I have a Toyota Tundra and there is absolutely no room behind the rear seat. This sub is unreal!! I’m not child so I won’t be blasting my stereo u til the windows crack but I can say this, I cannot play this at high volumes without creating a headache for myself later on. I connected this to my stick sub to drop it down to one ohm as my t1000 can handleIt with ease. It’s pretty pretty unreal. If your an older adult like me Who’s not trying to enter any competition, this will be more Than what you’re looking for In a sub. I’m very satisfied. And to boot, my amp is only on half power. And my bass setting is on 2. Perfection!!

      8 people found this helpful

    13. Lance knoles

      One Star

      The sub just blow today not to happy and I wasn’t if bumpin it not good and there is no warranty

      One person found this helpful

    14. Bobby

      Great sound in a very shallow box

      Great sound in a very shallow box. This thing absolutely bangs!


      Quite good, especially for it’s size

      Here’s my setup…a stock Honda Pilot radio, an AudioControl DQ-61 EQ, a Pioneer 5 channel amp, and various replacement speakers that fit the stock locations. I put this Rockford Fosgate in a compartment next to the jack, way in back, so I get full truck storage. The sub is tucked away, and it’s a rather perfect size for this Honda tray/compartment. The EQ I bought has 8 adjustments for the sub frequencies, so I can really dial it in to the warmth of bass I want, and try to reduce some over-the-top thumping. If you can EQ it first, you are really able to tailor the sound of this to your liking. I’m not one to want my whole neighborhood to hear my truck, so I don’t blast this. But, I will definitely turn up my favorites. Plenty of ability in this sub for me. So again, with EQ first, and an amp that has low and hi-pass filters, I’ve got it close to what I want. I found that if I low pass the rest of the speakers at 80hz, it cut enough bass to them…bass that just doesn’t sound good from small speakers. So, when I did that, it’s up to this sub to provide the low bass for the whole truck. With EQ first, it’s very good. This is my first week with it…so I will see if my usage will blow it. I think it will be fine, judging from my initial use.

      3 people found this helpful

    16. tomas baca

      Very slim design

      Fits under the seat of my 2018 F150 perfectly. The bass response from the box dimensions is perfectly calculated.

      One person found this helpful

    17. Derrick McCarthy

      Outstanding box great sound

      Outstanding box was looking to buy one more another car great sound nice bassThank you for great product

    18. Wesley


      Great find! Glad I got one. Looks great, sounds great, and is a great fit.

    19. Emilio

      Blew less than 24hrs

      So I received this subwoofer yesterday 4/23/20 and the sub blew out less than 24 hrs. I am running a Rockford fosgate r500x1d at half it’s capacity and the sub blew. I don’t know what to say the amp has a max output of 500 and the sub has the same max but yet lo and behold less than 24hrs the subs has blown. Absolute garbage. Don’t waste your money on this brand.

      3 people found this helpful

    20. Jeremy Walker


      Sub has poor quality. Sound is awful at the beginning of installing. Amp was turned down low and quality of speak poor

    21. Jim BME

      Love it!

      Pretty kickass… almost too much for my 2014 Tundra, you can turn the volume down on it if you purchase the Rockford PEQ Punch remote… you won’t be disappointed!

      10 people found this helpful

    22. Jaimee Gray


      Product doesn’t work and Amazon won’t take returns from this company.

      One person found this helpful

    23. ervin adams


      Perfect size, sound and price for what I wanted. Highly recommend this if you are wanting a little extra sound.

    24. Branden

      2014 F150 King Ranch Supercrew – 2 Fosgate 12″ boxes installed w/ perfect fit!

      For small space and price this performs great! If you want to upgrade stock and add a little bass, this is the way to go! However if you have been around car audio, and want an awesome set up, spend an extra $100-200 and go with custom box with more air space and quality normal depth speaker! I put 2 – Fosgate R2S 1×12 R2 under the seat of 2014 F150 King Ranch supercrew, firing down to the floor, and it sounds good and fits perfect! Good luck!

      16 people found this helpful

    25. Cory Carlton

      Clean and good sound

      Fit perfect behind my f350 rear seat and has more than enough bass.

    26. Gene Kirtley

      fits in my 2018 f150 and thumps

      awesome product fits in my 18 f150 and sounds great, right amount of base and you will here it coming down the road

    27. Ranbir

      Good sound

      Sound is good, i gave 4 star because screws were all loose when it arived. I had to re-orient the speaker and re-screw all the screws, not a big deal. Loving it.

      One person found this helpful

    28. Sammmy

      Sounds great.

      Works great .

    29. Brandon Topple

      Sounds great

      Great product

    30. C. Ausburn

      Much better than I expected for a slim box

      I have it in my C10/K10 Chevy behind the seat and it fits great and sounds a lot better than I expected. Very happy for the slim size and price. I’ve had it for a few weeks now without any issues. Hooked up to one channel on a Infinity REF-704A and it seems to be a perfect match for my needs at 100W RMS @ 2 Ohms

      5 people found this helpful

    31. Wes Smith

      Great for a small space

      This done well for what it is actually more bass than expected

    32. Nitestalker

      This sub bumps!

      First, this sub, is amazing for an inexpensive sub. Second, running it with the right deck, front and rear speakers amplifier and sound settings in the vehicle, your car will shake. If you’re looking for a sub that will give you that bass shaking experience, grab the right amp, something higher than 1000watts and you will see for yourself, it will far meet your expectations.All the people giving negative views on this product are one of three people.A.) They either expected something greater than what they are used to as far as competition subs. This is not a competition grade sub. It’s for people who want to have great sounding bass in their vehicle. They want the shake experience but not the glass shattering kind that competition systems will offer.B.) They don’t have sufficient power via their amplifier i.e. using a low wattage, cheap amp. I’m running a 1200watt amp and let me tell you, the sound is superb. I also have JBL’s throughout my entire vehicle and a pioneer deck.C.) They have a very bad deck and also insufficient power via an amplifier to include, not knowing how to sound correct their vehicle to the proper settings.Don’t be that kind of buyer. The sub is great if you have the right equipment and by right equipment, I mean a decent deck (Pioneer or better) and decent amp (Pioneer or better) even my cheap Boss 1100watt amp pushed this sub nicely.

      11 people found this helpful

    33. Amazon Customer

      Great product, awesome price!

      Bought this for my son, absolutely love it. It’s great. I owned Rockford back in the day and I must say this thing bumps hard! Very pleased!

    34. R. Schiele

      This thing hits like a girl

      The speaker arrived in great shape. Hooked it up to a 1200 watt amp and was not impressed by the “bump” at all. I sent it back and got a Bazooka 10″ bass tube that hits 3 times as hard for about the same money. If your not expecting much then you will not be disappointed but for me I purchased one of the best names in bass Rockford Fosgate and they are not the same as they were 20 years ago… so sad.

      4 people found this helpful

    35. Amazon Customer

      Perfect fit for rounding out my system

      I purchased this product for my 2005 crew cab chevy silverado. The box fits perfectly behind the seat and pairs perfectly with the bose system in my truck. I am not a beginner when it comes to subwoofers and I was knowingly down sizing when I purchased this product. If you want to rattle the windows this may not be the product for you but if you’re looking for some quality rockford bass to round off a stock sound system or looking for a little extra punch this is the set for you. If any one is curious I run a 500 watt rsm rockfors amp and it seems to be a nice match.I’d also like to take a second to say that when I first ordered this product fed ex lost my package. I thought this would turn into a nightmare of trying to get my money back or a new product but after contacting the company they happily sent out a replacement and I received it only two short days later. Would totally buy again and recommend to anyone.

      22 people found this helpful

    36. Nope

      Not a Rockford I can recommend, unfortunately

      I gotta be honest, the people that claim to be running a 500×1 mono amp are either not using much of the amp, or I got a bad sub. I’ve never run shallow subs but know you lose some of the deeper bump, but I don’t get anywhere near 1/4 volume before the sub starts showing major issues. I am not new to this game, but I am so limited on time to build a box…. Guess I’ll have to be on leave to build a box. I am super limited on space, but anything is better than this.Everything I am running is Rockford product. 500×1 mono, the other 6 channels are off a separate amp (obviously)I even hooked up my .69 cubic ft sealed box with a 10 inch P2 out of my other car, it crushes compared to this. I mean, properly pounds. Plug this box in and get no where near .25 percent. No matter where I set the punch knob or tune the amp. It just sounds very wimpy. Maybe I should open it and make certain there are no wiring issues, or just return it.Basically, you’re not gonna get Joy from this if you like higher volume, but especially deep bass. It just lacks typical Rockford-ness…..

      One person found this helpful

    37. Jonada Ponce

      Get more amperage for quality sub

      Great sub, with perfect trunk size for daily use. Make sure you pushing amperage to get hit your Ohms.

    38. Frank J

      Delivered June 19th, blown August 2019

      Delivered June 19th 2019, blown August 29th 2019. Spend a little extra on a better quality sub.

      One person found this helpful

    39. josh

      Just isn’t it

      Just isn’t loud or thumpy I’ve had it adjusted like 4 times it’s in a Tacoma and isn’t even remotely thumpy

    40. Kyle Ashley

      Exactly what I needed

      Exactly what I needed. Sound quality is great, bass quality is great, and definitely worth the money spent.

    41. Rob

      Very nice unit

      This is very nice compact unit and it really thumps hard for a shallow mounted sub

      One person found this helpful

    42. Sean Meredith

      It sucks

      If I could give this 0 stars I would. Hooked it up to my system and it was blown out already. Contacted the company a week ago, still haven’t gotten a response. 10/10 WOULDNT BUY

    43. Nathaniel Shumate

      No support/warranty defective product

      Was good product but approximately 90 days after purchase it just stopped working and of course seller offers no warranty or support! So good transaction as long as nothing goes wrong

    44. Grant

      Hits good but with a shallow bass comes a little less …

      Hits good but with a shallow bass comes a little less hit. Still a great subwoofer. In my 2015 R/T challenger hits more then enough.

    45. Mario Dominguez

      Do not buy

      Speaker blew after having it for a month. Now I can’t get even my money back! Waste of money for a poor quality sub.

    46. Jean bisson

      Little thumper

      Great thump for a small package

    47. Halib Gopinath

      Best option for XUV 500

      Best option for Xuv 500

    48. john hellems

      Cheap crap

      Fits behind my seat good but the sound quality is poor when you are trying to jam.

    49. Jason Newhouse

      Perfect Bass sound

      2005 Jeep TJ fits nice behind the back seat, make sure to buy an amp to here the punch. Awesome sound

    50. 210 Edition

      Sounds good

      Lacks bass would be great if ported

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    Tanner Martell
    Tom Inch
    Tom Inch
    DDF installed a Kenwood 10.1 inch floating panel display in my Toyota Tundra.. great job and thank you!
    Amber P
    Amber P
    Gigi Laframboise
    Gigi Laframboise
    Had both of my cars rust proofing done here. Great service. Great job.
    Robert Wigood
    Robert Wigood
    Steve Gibbs
    Steve Gibbs
    I initially bought a budget 8" subwoofer unit from them, and my expectations of its performance were unreasonable. I decided to upgrade to a 12" and they readily accepted my return and promptly prepared the 12" for me. Very happy with my purchase! I Would definitely recommend doing business with the folks at DDF. :D
    Yogesh XD
    Yogesh XD
    Excellent service!
    Michael Osborne
    Michael Osborne
    Really happy with the service on my vehicle. Very detail oriented. People friendly and knowledgeable
    Luanne Webb
    Luanne Webb
    Doug and his staff were extremely helpful in keeping the issue I was having with my radio in perspective… Left the shop with my radio working… Special shout out to Dakota so kind & patient.. EXCELLENT customer service! Thank you so much! Highly recommend!
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