Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 Prime 10" R2S Shallow Loaded Enclosure

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 Prime 10" R2S Shallow Loaded Enclosure

(50 customer reviews)


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The R2S-1X10 is a single 10” shallow enclosure with 200 Watts RMS power handling wired to a 2-Ohm load. The enclosure is constructed with 5/8” MDF, covered in high density carpet, and features quick release compression terminals.

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 18 in stock

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When you have no space for bass, our PRIME R2S 10″ shallow loaded enclosure is sure to be a perfect fit for your ride and your budget. These shallow loaded enclosures can fit in tight spaces due to the slim-line depth of 3.25″ on the top and 5.25″ on the bottom. The wedge design is optimized for single-cab trucks with limited seat travel. Are you ready to rock out? Yeah, we thought so.

  • Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
  • Covered with high density carpet
  • High current binding posts
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 50 reviews for R2S-1X10 Prime 10" R2S Shallow Loaded Enclosure

    1. Underwear Aficionado

      Not bad, but good for the money.

      Good, not great… gets the job done… Wont wake the neighbors, but adds bass… Hits decently, behind the rear seat of my 2016 crewcab F150…Also, there is a little over 1″ of clearance between the sub and the reat seat when folded up. You can see by the pic.Ive also upgrade from the crummy RF sub to a Kicker shallowmount RT DVC sub, hits much harder with deeper bass….

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    2. Jeff H

      More than what I expected

      Thing is rad. I put one behind the seat of my 2018 f150 super crew and I’m pretty pumped on it. After trimming the carpet on the rear wall it fits awesome, seat folds up, it’s like nothings there. I was skeptical from reviews, I basically bought it for the box, but when I hooked it up with a pioneer 1600watt mono (500 rms) turned way down, it sounds really good. Not crazy with the lows but pretty damn good from a shallow sealed 10”! I mostly listen to metal and hip hop, it’s honestly better than what I expected for both. Def recommend getting an amp or loc with a remote bass control

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    3. Jess

      Love it!

      This little sub is great! I put it in the back of my 06 Wrangler and it works perfect! I did go to a local audio store and bought a grill for it which they had to Mod onto it. All in all I’m very pleased with this sub! If you want a sub that’s just going to completely blow you away, this is not your sub. Its a 10″ in a slim box. But if your after a little extra bass and run a proper amp through it, it will last and sound great. Basically don’t be stupid with it.Update: it’s now 2020 and this thing is still going strong! Absolutely worth the money if you have tight spaces!

    4. Stephon

      Blew out in 1 month with light use

      I had this in my Miata for 1 month. I am a track guy, and not well versed with audio equipment. Within 1 month of use the sub was blown out. I have about 1000 miles of play time on it. It was never pushed too hard, especially since it was mounted behind my seat and did not need to be pushed hard hard to be felt. If it weren’t for the sub blowing it would be 4 stars. Filled many of the missing sounds in the low end that the car lacked. Really enjoyed it while it worked. But, it still missed some tones in the bass spectrum (again, i am no expert, so i do not hold it against the product). Bought a new sub to mount in the old box. Hope it does well.

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    5. Naomi Follett


      Yikes. Tossed this into my ’65 Barracuda’s trunk, wired to a “400w” (RMS is laughably lower) 2.1 channel amp from Ebay (which is powered off 12v 3a car charger!) costing $17, and this thing still somehow sounds GREAT. Heck of an improvement! The 4×6 speakers in my kick panel were faltering at delivering anything but midrange acoustic. Now, my rearview mirror vibrates with the music and I can hear – and feel – the tunes loud and clear even over highway road noise in a sixty year old car. Great choice, easy fit and quality packaging! Best $1xx I could have spent and kept some trunk space!

    6. skn777

      Good Truck Sub

      Got this to replace a 10″ shallow mount Kicker sub sitting on the backseat of my ’04 Nissan Frontier 4-Door. This one actually fits behind the backseat (driver’s side). It’s a bit snug and the seat takes a little more effort to lock back in, but it still sounds great and it’s out of the way. I just feel sorry for the person that sits in that seat when the bass drops. I have it powered by a Boss R1100M Riot Mono-block amp so a lot of power and deep enough bass. I’m not a bass-head, but I like to feel the low end in my tunes and this sub does it.

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    7. Sam S.

      Perfect in 2015 Tacoma

      Fits like a glove behind rear seat (40 side of 60/40) in my 2015 Toyota Tacoma double cab. Wanted a little extra thump without shaking paint loose and this thing works perfectly. It’s not a top end sub or competition sound by any means but works really well for me. Paired with a 4ohm 150w amp (bridged) so a new amp would probably make better sound but it’s what I had on hand for the time being. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for an easy solution for a bit more bass in your Taco.

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    8. Tina Vieira

      Five Stars

      Sounds really good in my husbands little truck

    9. Amazon Customer

      only lasted 3 months

      Worked well for 3 months. Me and the wife both had the sub rip in both vehicles. Not the same product I grew up with

    10. Michael B.

      Good quality sound, Tasteful performance, versatile, good value.

      I am a big fan of this sub. I’ve been using it for well over 6 months now and its perfect for adding a decent bump. The 10″ is nice a punchy. It hits the bass drum really clearly and lower tones still come through with a lot of power and clarity as well. I was able to fit this under the seat of my suburban and its just the right amount of bass, even for such a big car. Also, It seems like it does not require a ton of power to get respectable levels.

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    11. Ronald Tompkins

      Good bang for buck

      Sup is pretty good quality and is pretty small (as it should be) only complaint is i belive mine was an open box return because a few of the screws were striped out and had a bit of damage on the plastic around the speaker. I’ve had the sub for about 2 months and the scores have started to get contact rust on them, but despite that its held up well and works as it should.

    12. Ryan

      Great sub

      If you’re expecting 808 sounds to rattle body panels off your car and wake the neighbors 2 blocks down you must already know you don’t want this sub. For me, this works wonders considering the size. One facing forward in a single cab truck fills out the low end great for rock music, and gives you enough to properly enjoy hip hop unlike the tiny door speakers in the old chevy, and two facing rear in my ’06 sentra leave plenty of room in the trunk while delivering enough low end to be proud of. Again, not earth shattering, but 2 is enough to really feel it on tracks with higher basslines like 6 Foot 7 Foot or Backseat Freestyle.These are my favorite for their size, and in the car a lot of people are surprised these are shallow-mounts pulled out of a single cab truck.

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    13. Ibrahim

      Best option for ford f150 installed with seat still able to fold up

      Love this sub sounds great.fits perfect in my 2017 ford f150 behind the passenger seat and with this installed i can still fold my seats up 100% if u are looking for a sub for a f150 this is it I tried others my seats wont fold up all the way

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    14. Kevin T.

      Better off with power bass

      Cheap material rockford fosgate used. I basically paid over 100 dollars just for a good mdf wood box… The whole box a sub. Is only worth 70 max… Despite the name. It has a foam surround. A plastic woofer cone. And dust cap. It so cheap it only has one very thin copper voice coil

    15. Sandro G

      Great quality for the price

      This sub is a great value for the price. I have a JLAudio amp, Kicker K5 speakears and stock head unit. I was lacking bass. This sub rounds out the sound wonderfully in my Jeep Wrangler. I wish it came with a cage over the speaker itself to help prevent damage, but I purchased and installed one myself without any impact to sound quality.Very happy with the purchase.

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    16. Jacob

      Great for the price

      Great sub for the money, came with mounting hardware. Had to get self tapping screws but worked great. Fit in my 2000 gmc sonoma ext cab no problem. Hooked it up to a kenwood 300watt amp with a kicker wiring kit and it sounds very nice. Well put together box as well

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    17. LV

      2016 tundra

      Perfect fit and sounds awesome

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    18. Amazon Customer


      Sound great

    19. buzz

      Great sound for just one speaker!

      Has a lot of bass and doesn’t take up space. Narrow enough to cram behind my mustang rear seat (in trunk) without disturbing the full size spare tire. I removed the seat and built a seat-delete for it. I like the volume control piece as it was mounted inside my console (and has a blue LED light built in to see what setting it’s at). I purchased a RF amp as well. Plug and play. I like the quick disconnects for the “+” and “-” on the speaker. I don’t drive it hard but time will tell how it holds up.

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    20. Jarse

      Great value & sound for the low price.

      Great subwoofer for my ‘07 double cab Toyota Tacoma! Fits perfectly behind my seats & fills the truck with some good bass. Blew my expectations for sure, would recommend to anyone looking to fill their vehicle with some missing bass.

    21. James

      2016 Tundra

      2016 Tundra is a tight fit but it fits. Ths speaker does not hit the seat.

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    22. Peyton Frank

      Five Stars

      Perfect for behind the seat application in an S10. Handles plenty of power.

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    23. Ryan

      Fits perfect in my s-10

      Pretty good speaker for my single cab truck. Fits great behind the bench seat.

    24. Slamnek

      Great sound, small slim design is awesome

      Great sub for the price. It will fit behind the rear seat of my 2019 F150 crew cab and the seat will still fold up. You will need to trim out some of the insulation on the cab behind the seat. I currently have it under the rear passenger seat wired to a Kicker DX250.1 amp and it powers it perfectly. It’s not window shattering bass but it adds enough for what I like. The ford stereo is the worst on the market especially if you don’t have a factory sub. This more than makes up for it.

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    25. Astrosfan

      Good bass sound for our 2008 Tacoma DC

      We bought this for our 2008 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. I was hoping it would fit behind rear seat without removing the plastic mounding. Unfortunately, it didn’t so we just removed the back plastic panel (three bolts, then pull). Fit perfect after this.The sound is great to round out with some good bass. You won’t rattle house windows, but will add a more pleasurable listening experience. We are using a small Taramps amplifier, but learned that our 4 ohm connecting was making speaker crackle at mid to high volume. We switched to 2ohm wiring and it sounds fantastic! Our amp is small and I can only imagine what it will sound like with a slightly larger amp.Definitely recommend.

    26. dozer

      Four Stars


    27. Natronamus

      Good buy.

      Adds a good amount of depth to your stereo. I bought it with an amp that was a little more than it can handle but after tuned it has a nice crisp base.

    28. Mikeyjrod

      Christmas gift for my girlfriend

      This sub is great low power 300w is powering it and damn it sounds great when we tested it out ! We listen to hardstyle, trap , rap, country, etc. but some of the tracks I have set up for the test hit hard shaking my lil ford ranger, I’m buy my self one soon as my custom system is done

    29. Keith Saunders

      This little sub rocks!

      This little sub rocks. I powered it with a 250 watt amp and wow. There is no need to buy two of these. One will blow you away.

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    30. glenn martin



    31. Hal Longcrier

      Awesome! Pleasantly surprised!

      Normally don’t write reviews but, I have to say that I’m very impressed. I didn’t have high expectations for this little enclosure and was just hoping that I could “tell it was there”. Installed behind the seat (not under) in a 2010 f150 screw. Had to grind a seat bolt down and cut some fabric/insulation on rear wall of the cab to make fit but it’s in there nice tight and clean. Hooked the speaker wires up and Dang! This little wedge a ton more than I could have ever hoped for. A little eq tuning, bass knob, and get the power right and this thing sounds great. It’s very clear, punchy, and gets low! Seems like it hits most all frequencies. Rap might bottom it out a bit but I don’t have to worry about that! All other genres sound crystal clear and more than adequate low end. I am now on the Fosgate fan list. I’m super pleased and highly recommend this enclosure for tight space applications. Perfect budget friendly solution for F150 behind seat. A little work to make it fit but Holy cow it’s worth it. Good job Fosgate! Again 5 stars and highly recommend. Especially for you F150 owners.

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    32. Steve W.

      Good Sub

      Too much trouble to wire late model import for this

    33. Frank

      Sonido fuerte y nítido, el cajón ideal para una pick up

      Excelente desempeño, lo conecté con un amplificador planet audio Monocanal de 1500 watts y suena súper bien , fuerte y claro, lo puse en una L200, tuve que reacomodar el gato y la barra que sirve para bajar la refacción, pero quedó muy bien, sin duda lo recomiendo

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    34. jessie mcdonald

      It sounds amazing. Running it with a Sony explode 800 watt …

      I installed this in a 99 Dodge Dakota single cab. It sounds amazing. Running it with a Sony explode 800 watt amp bridged. The amp came with the truck so I shopped around for a sub that would sound good and also fit behind the passenger seat. This one was definitely the right choice. It punches really hard. So much so that I have it on a pretty low setting. Tied my speakers right in as I was lacking good deep bass out of the other speakers installed.

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    35. Devils76

      It’s a fosgate always good quality.

      Not to bad for money just enough bass for me good sound.

    36. B. Stapleton

      Small package BIG sound!

      I bought this for my 2013 WRX hatchback and didn’t want the compromise my hatch area with a Massive Sub! Well let me tell you my Rockford Fosgate amp thumps this puppy. At 50 I am not a rap pumping music goer, but my 17 year old is and when I gave him a test drive we both were quite impressed! Your hair tickles when this thing sings. For a small quarter this is the sub for you!

      16 people found this helpful

    37. Will

      Ford ranger 2009

      It just barely fits in a ranger single cab. Can’t push the seats all the way back though

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    38. Eric

      Exactly what I was looking for

      This shallow mount sub was exactly what I was looking for. It delivers clear bass with out going over board. It allows your music to be heard by you & not everyone else. Great buy for the money.

    39. Manuel

      Great Sound

      This sub was installed in a crew cab F250. Paired with a Fosgate amp within range, the sound quality is excellent. I was very surprised at the power that came from this 10″ sub. I am shocked at the crisp and precise sound that came from this little sub. The Fosgate amplifier has a lot of adjustability that really help dial in a clean and crisp sound from this sub.

    40. Paul

      Good bass little space

      Sounds great after break in! Very punchy. Perfect add on to the factory stereo. Fits perfect behind the seat of my ‘18 super crew F-150 and you can lock the seat up still with a few little mods. Paired with a old JBL 300 watt rms @2ohm amp turned down.

    41. shaun

      A great deal

      It’s a great value for your money and it fits great behind the seat of my regular cab truck

    42. Kurtis

      Awesome sound

      Awesome sound. Almost wish I could fit a second one in my truck. Hits hard.

    43. Karla

      2016 F150 Fitment

      Fit perfect behind the seat of my 2016 F150 super crew. More than enough bass for my application, Would recommend.

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    44. Collin Jarred

      Really small formfactor.

      Notjing really bad to say about this speaker. I have a Jeep and it really rumbles everything, loud and obnoxious. Paired with a Prime Rockford Fosgate amp and decent wiring, you got yourself a real puncher. Would recomend this in a hatchback over a segregated trunk install.

      One person found this helpful

    45. Timothy s. Harrison


      I like the size (width). I read other reviews about it not putting out much base. With the compact size of the woofer what did you expect? Anyway, I just turned up the gain on the woofer amplifier.

    46. Wayne Esposito

      Well made speaker, quality sound.

      I was looking for a budget friendly low profile loaded sub box for some time that would fit under my rear seat in the toolbox of my 2017 F250 Superduty and this fit the bill. With minor modifications to the toolbox it fit good. The sound quality is very good and added the bass I was missing from my stock radio. I paired it with a Kicker CXA400.1 mono amp and it has no issues when turning up the sound, plenty of bass. I recommend this if you are looking for a budget friendly good quality subwoofer.

    47. M M

      Great sound for a small speaker

      Nice subwoofer, can not take too much power though

    48. Jason Hoskins

      This sub slams

      This shallow mount sub hits hard and low,it blew my mind how hard it actually hit.i love it and totally recommend a matter of fact I let a buddy of mine hear it and he ordered the exact sub ,amp combo I have in my truck for his

    49. Valtierra, Erik

      The fit is excellent and I didn’t have to modify anything

      I put this sub in my 2014 tundra crewmax with non-JBL. The fit is excellent and I didn’t have to modify anything. I would definitely buy another

      One person found this helpful

    50. John G Chalker

      Behind the seat of a 1987 C10

      Better than expected!!!!

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    DDF installed a Kenwood 10.1 inch floating panel display in my Toyota Tundra.. great job and thank you!
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    Had both of my cars rust proofing done here. Great service. Great job.
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    I initially bought a budget 8" subwoofer unit from them, and my expectations of its performance were unreasonable. I decided to upgrade to a 12" and they readily accepted my return and promptly prepared the 12" for me. Very happy with my purchase! I Would definitely recommend doing business with the folks at DDF. :D
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