Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime 10" R2 4-Ohm DVC Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime 10" R2 4-Ohm DVC Subwoofer

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 21 in stock

Car Audio Fanatics wanting big bass can rely on the Prime R2D4-10 subwoofer. This 10” subwoofer handles 250 Watt RMS and the 4-Ohm Dual Voice Coil design lets you to wire them in various configurations.

(50 customer reviews)


Availability: 21 in stock

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Car Audio Fanatics who want Rockford Fosgate quality can rely on the Prime Series 10″ subwoofers to get the job done, and the Dual Voice Coil provides awesome installation flexibility. These drivers can pump out the bass due to their mica injected polypropylene cone, and their stamp-cast baskets with spider venting – typically reserved for more expensive models – keep the motor running cool! These R2 subwoofers are optimized for sealed and vented enclosures.

  • 12 AWG compression terminals
  • Anodized aluminum voice coil former
  • Optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures
  • Mica injected polypropylene cone
  • Linear spider with embedded 16 AWG tinsel leads
  • StampCast basket with integrated spider venting
  • Integrated PVC trim ring
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 50 reviews for R2D4-10 Prime 10" R2 4-Ohm DVC Subwoofer

    1. Laramie Hood

      Great sounding subs.

      Sounds good in my truck box. Great sound for the money. Bought these used. One still looked brand new, the other has white paint on it but still works great. I have them wired as 2 ohm and I don’t think you can beat the sound can price.

    2. Arturo Lopez

      Great sound

      Great product

    3. olthuggie

      These little guys.

      For a 10 to hit as hard and to be capable of handling 500 Watts you just cant get a better value.

    4. Chris W

      Decent speakers

      Sub-woofers seem ok. When I opened boxes both speakers had the screw pack open and the screws randomly throughout the whole box. Luckily the speakers weren’t damaged. I contacted Rockford Fosgate about grills for these and they told me they don’t make one and I should just try a universal one. Problem is is the have a non-universal trim ring. I questioned them about this and have not received a reply back.

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    5. Ted H


      The gangster rap that I play sounds way better now.

    6. Brian McDowell

      Two of these Hit Very Hard!! With the right Amp.

      Finally found the right Amplifier to push two of these in separate sealed boxes in a Soft Top Jeep and they Really Hit Hard for the price!! As loud and hard as I need. Bought a Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier with Wired Bass Boost Remote and have them wired in a series. I had bought a 900 watt Pioneer amp from Walmart and it just wouldn’t push them at all. I returned it and bought the 1600 watt APM off Amazon for only $20 more.

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    7. Nathan

      Well worth the price and has a awesome kick inside the car

      My sister car sub blew out and I couldn’t find an oem replacement in production still, for a decent price.since the one that blew up was Rockford I pick this one and wired it up. She been using it for over a couple of months now and hasn’t had any issue . She drives a 2007 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4

    8. Amazon Customer


      I have been a Rockford fosgate fan for years. I have always used their punch series and never been disappointed. But I went with their budget subwoofer and was upset. I hooked them up to 260rms watts and let me tell you. They bottom out and sound disgusting. I had to turn my amplifier halfway down to get decent sound from these subwoofers. I had two 10″. I replaced them with a old school subwoofer 10″ MTX 8000 and that single subwoofer out preformed both the Rockford fosgate 10 subwoofers. I got rid of both rockford fosgate subwoofers after three weeks. Terrible subwoofers.

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    9. Peter S

      Louder than I anticipated

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

       Works great, sounds great, and looks great!Installed this in a ported Bbox and paired it with a Boss AR1500m amplifier and it was way louder than I actually needed.Initially I was looking at similar subs priced between $25-$35, but figured I showed just pay a little bit more and get something that was from a reputable company that makes a well made product. Not disappointed!

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    10. Evan

      Great for price

      It has great sound for the price good for beginners it shakes my car pretty good

    11. Fred Mertz

      Mated with the Fosgate R500X1D Prime sub amp. Perfect match.

      Mated with the Fosgate R500X1D Prime sub amp, these speakers are loud enough to shake you, but not your neighbors. On paper, the amp was not quite powerful enough for the speakers, but that amp is likely underrated. Hooked the dual voice coils in parallel, then wired the output in series to get the 2 OHMS the amp required.

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    12. Timothy gray

      The sub pounds and surpasses its price point in performance”’

      This sub is very well built it’s very versatile and at this price point it’s better than Subs that cost 2 times the amount yes the sub is hitting hard and cleanit’s rated at 250 to 500w however will perform well with a true 150 watts, the sub is very versatile sounds great without a lot of power and better with power for the money it’s second to none

    13. James Rockwell

      Over all good product.

      Sound good. Only issue I’ve had is at low volume. Little distortion. The seller did advise to send the speaker back to replace!! Good customer service.

    14. Tre N.

      I instantly could tell a better in sound quality

      First: I wanted to say I bought the subs to replace some old Sonys Xplod that I was running on a kicker 300.1. One of my Xplod shredded into pieces and I replace them with this.Second: As soon as I installed them, I instantly could tell a better in sound quality. I was able to turn the gain up over halfway and still was getting clean bass. I am running 150 watts mrs to both subs which is under the recommended rms of both subs so I know I can go louder.Third: I plan to buy two more and run all four off a 1000 watt amp at 250 rms a sub. These subs sound beautiful and are perfect for a budget build.

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    15. Crystal Hicklin

      Plays dope boy music

      Nice speaker for the price sounds dope I reccomend two in a box. Also not hella deep so can be mounted in a truck box.

    16. Its Marvelous!

      Excellent, no worries buying this.

      Its excellent!

    17. Jesse Calfee


      Overall wonderful experience

    18. Paul Aguilar

      Great subs

      Couldn’t be happier with these subs they have to pound I was looking for they are durable the sound quality is amazing and they were easy to install

    19. Junior

      Tbx10a replacement.

      Bought it for a low buck budget build at the time of this review I paid $52 usd used it to replace a blown up dual subwoofer in a tbx10a the amp that’s built into the box puts out a little over 100watts rms,After setting it all up the bass was much more crisp and hit alot harder than it did before I highly recommend the 4ohm model for a tbx10a replacement or any of the 10″ subs for a low budget build.

    20. Gus

      Unbeatable for the price

      I’ve tried several other subwoofers over the years around the same price, none of them compare to this Rockford Fosgate. The sound and feel of a great subwoofer is incomparable, it is incredibly easy to install and worth every cent.

    21. Jeffrey Hager

      Good quality

      They have good sound and good bass. They are better than the average entry sub.

    22. JUAKING

      Boom boom pow!

      It’s great, works like it should, I haven’t had any problems so far, it sounds great for the price.

    23. Trevor

      Can’t go wrong with Rockford

      Always loved Rockford

    24. Darryl Sterzer

      great sound and super fast

      Product as described, great sound and super fast shipping

    25. Albert Garcia

      Great value!

      Flexes pretty hard! Quality as always from Rockford Fosgate.

    26. Cliente de Amazon

      Muy buen subwoofer

      La bocina se siente de muy buena calidad, la instalé en un cajón sellado de 20 litros y conexión a 4 ohms. El fabricante recomienda sellado de 14 a 21 litros, pero se siente que le falta cajón. Suena muy bien para ser 1 y creo que con 2 ya es muy fuerte potenciaEn cuanto al sonido, patea muy bien y en cierta música suena como porteado, mueve mucho aire. Trae un empaque para que selle muy bien al fijar al cajón y también incluye los tornillos y una llave para colocarlosLa conseguí en oferta a 1065 y es barato para lo que se recibe, es muy buen producto

    27. aaron habig

      Great bass!!!

      Ordered this subwoofer to add a little bass in my 3rd gen 4runner. Made a stealth box for the subwoofer, probably not big enough for the sub but wanted to loose as little space as possible. Regardless of the small box I put this subwoofer in, this sub hits hard. I’m only running one subwoofer with a boss 1500 watt amp and I have gotten complements from multiple people. It made my 4runner sound incredible without taking up too much space 🙂

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    28. Patrick

      Rockfords truly are great subwoofers

      It’s Rockford Fosgate what more do I need to say!! With so many choices out there now days in subwoofers where do you start! Here is definitely not a bad place at all. RF has been in the business for a long time, they were all the rage back in the late 80’s when I was introduced to them and they still are as far as I’m concerned. This being their entry level subwoofer, don’t let that shy you away from them these subwoofers are fantastic and seem to enjoy smaller enclosures… I installed one of these in a Camaro in a custom wheel well sealed sub box 2 years ago and the guy is still getting compliments and continually asked if he is running 12’s in his car. They work well either in a ported or sealed environment I have done both. They also have really good speakers for the interior of your car as well as fantastic amps 2 ch, 4ch, and mono block sub amps. I have installed a wide variety of Rockford Fosgate equipment and always have satisfied customers with absolutely no returns for blown or fried equipment. If you install it and tune it right the sound will be awesome!!

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    29. Derrick Pfannebecker

      Love them..

      Running 6 in the trunk of a 08 malibu.. Pure slam… Awesome subs


      great value


    31. Richard T.

      Great Rockford-Fosgate sound, quality & affordable price!

      Bought this 10″ R2D2 Sub as a replacement for a blown factory one in a Caddy. Speaker holes didn’t match perfect so I slotted them, Other than that the sound, looks, quality & price made this the perfect choice!

    32. Joe G

      Great product per dollar

      Although Rockford Fosgate is made in China, it’s still an excellent product. Can handle the specified wattage after break in period.

    33. Sonoma Sparky

      Sounds great 2x2ohm. Same as factory 01 deville

      Replaced the factory sub in an 01 Deville. Just remove the factory connection from the stock speaker and soldier it to new one. Pay attention to orientation as factory wiring does not have a lot of play in it. Sounds great and is a 2x2ohm just as the factory speaker.

    34. PCR

      Lacks bass response

      Sub is well made. Typical for RF. Terminals are solid. Hardware included. Subwoofer just doesn’t produce lower frequencies so well. I have an identical sealed box with a decent Pioneer speaker in it. The difference is night and day. Why do I have an exact set up you might ask? I have two cars, different years, that use the same box. Volume of the boxes are slightly over the ideal for this sub – but not enough to cause significant sound issues.

    35. Sounddemon


      Piece of garbage. Had it for 4 days wired to 2 ohm with 350watts and it blew.

    36. Ryan


      Was really disappointed, always had Rockford and this one quit on me after only 3 weeks, sounded great while it worked, just wasn’t very long

    37. Morgan

      Great Price and great Quality

      Its Rockford Fosgate so you cant go wrong. Its almost a Shallow speaker as well. I ordered a Shallow box and it fits… just barely though.

    38. Amazon Customer

      Defective Speaker?

      The speaker stopped working after 5 minutes and smelled like something electrical burned inside the magnet area. Maybe a bad speaker from the factory. I installed a spare sub and is working fine with my amp setup.

    39. Colin F.

      Excellent product

      Excellent subwoofer. Provides deep solid bass.

    40. Shane Harrington

      Sounds really good!

      Sounds great. Great budget subwoofer!

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    41. Kirk Spencer

      Nioce 2

      Another about that bass. Works for now.

    42. Charlie González


      This woofer is flawless if u are looking for a bang in a small car. Once installed it was hitting every low noyes like a champ a week after it blow it’s box lol, if you are going to buy this subwoofer get a really strong box (running a 1000watt amp)

      One person found this helpful

    43. Alyssa Ellis

      Don’t waste your money

      Installed and immediately started crackling.

    44. Rhonda


      So far so good

    45. Martin V.

      Powering this with the Boss mono block amp

      Powering this with the Boss mono block amp. Everything sounds good! I have this subwoofer mounted in a slim box and the bass is low and smooth! It sounds great

    46. Rossi

      Rockford Fosgate has always made great products (10″ sub / dual voice coil)

      Had Rockford Fosgate growing up….so needless to say 20 years later when I was considering putting subs in my car Rockford Fosgate was the only choice! Wow, all I have to say is 1 sub woofer today sound like 2 subs from back in the day (mid 80’s-early 90’s) This thing hits so hard in the back of my Prius! (which I think its just awesome to have boom in a Prius, LOL!!) Great sub, would definitely recommend!!!

      3 people found this helpful

    47. Paul Vikornvongvanich

      It’s good for the price.

      It’s ok. It needs to be in a box to sound better. I replaced stock Sub on Factory rear Decklid. So, it’s Free air. It’s a Slight improvement. I have an PPi Amp to it. So, I has power for the sub. Like I said. It’s Ok. I have P3 and it’s No way Close to that!

    48. Regi A.

      Good boom for the buck

      Using these to replace old worn out subs in my home theatre system. They provide deep punchy bass and don’t require a lot of power.

    49. Floridave

      hands down the best 10 inch mid powered sub out there

      This is an Outstanding Speaker at any price, Ive used these RF subs for decades, and have never been disappointed, now they have this Prime 10 inch sub for under 50 bucks, that by itself if installed properly, is plenty for any system…let alone if you use two, youll be very impressed…Sturdy, clean, with great terminals, nicely finished speaker surround ring, and a sound thats tight and deep, you cant go wrong with this product.

      2 people found this helpful

    50. jake

      I received a good unit, punchy tight little 10

      I don’t normally trust amazon electronic/audio purchases. This was clearly not straight from Rockford based on original packaging, to be expected from a 3rd party. RF box was ROUGH. But upon visual inspection, woofer looked fine, leads and voice coil all in tact. Has been goin strong for 3 months. Lot of punch in a small 10” package. Shallow sub, smaller driver. I’m impressed!

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    Tanner Martell
    Tom Inch
    Tom Inch
    DDF installed a Kenwood 10.1 inch floating panel display in my Toyota Tundra.. great job and thank you!
    Amber P
    Amber P
    Gigi Laframboise
    Gigi Laframboise
    Had both of my cars rust proofing done here. Great service. Great job.
    Robert Wigood
    Robert Wigood
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    Steve Gibbs
    I initially bought a budget 8" subwoofer unit from them, and my expectations of its performance were unreasonable. I decided to upgrade to a 12" and they readily accepted my return and promptly prepared the 12" for me. Very happy with my purchase! I Would definitely recommend doing business with the folks at DDF. :D
    Yogesh XD
    Yogesh XD
    Excellent service!
    Michael Osborne
    Michael Osborne
    Really happy with the service on my vehicle. Very detail oriented. People friendly and knowledgeable
    Luanne Webb
    Luanne Webb
    Doug and his staff were extremely helpful in keeping the issue I was having with my radio in perspective… Left the shop with my radio working… Special shout out to Dakota so kind & patient.. EXCELLENT customer service! Thank you so much! Highly recommend!
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