Rockford Fosgate TMS69BL14 Harley-Davidson® Saddlebag Audio Kit (2014+)

Rockford Fosgate TMS69BL14 Harley-Davidson® Saddlebag Audio Kit (2014+)

(48 customer reviews)


Availability: 4 in stock

Retrofit kit allows addition of rear speakers on your existing factory bag lids and plug directly into a Rockford Fosgate front audio kit that utilizes the Power TM400X4ad 4-channel amplifier. Eliminates need to paint and color match. See Specifications tab for compatible motorcycles. You will need to flash your factory radio to use this kit. Ready to flash? Here’s a list of dealers that can flash your radio.  Not designed for factory amplifiers. Refer to our COMPATIBILITY chart to verify fitment before purchasing.

 TMS69BL14 & TMS69BL9813 Installation

(48 customer reviews)


Availability: 4 in stock

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If you need more than just two speakers and want to really feel your music while riding then check out our add-on bag lid audio solution. Centered around our TMS69 6×9″ speaker this kit is designed to work with your existing factory bag lids. This means no extra parts to purchase or custom paint schemes to match. Easy to install using our included cutting template and two-piece mounting system you can quickly add on to an existing or new fairing audio kit using with the included plug and play harness. This system is designed to plug directly into the Rockford Fosgate Power T400X4ad or TM400X4ad 4-channel amplifier.  Not designed for factory amplifiers.

Harley-Davidson®, Road Glide, and Street Glide® are registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Company 

  • Designed for use with 2014+ Factory Harley-Davidson® Hardshell Bags
  • Designed for use with existing 2014+ Rockford Fosgate Stage kits
  • Ultra‐High Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer Frame
  • Direct Connect Wiring Harness to Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers
  • Painted Stamped Steel Grill with ASA Plastic Frame for UV Protection
  • Sandwich Clamping Gasket Design for Environmental Seal
  • Includes Custom Cut Out Guide
  • TMS69 Power Element Ready 6×9” full range speakers
  • Includes all Installation Hardware and Accessories
  • Patent Pending
  • Leave 2″ minimum clearance under speaker magnet when packing bags
  • NOTE: Your factory radio will need to be flashed. Please see this Advisory for details
  • 48 reviews for TMS69BL14 Harley-Davidson® Saddlebag Audio Kit (2014+)

    1. Mike amato

      BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

      I was able to beat there price from a local shop near by me, they accepted my return and now are trying to charge me 20% restocking fee. thats over $100! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

    2. Kenneth Macicek

      Sounds great.

      Easy to install. Sounds great. Can even hear it at 80 on the freeway.

      2 people found this helpful

    3. Amazon Customer

      amasing product

      The name says it all Rockford Fosgate top of the line audioIf you cant afford it it is worth waiting and saving for it.I have had all of harleys audio and Hog tune and more.Nothing can touch Rockford Fosgate

      2 people found this helpful

    4. Trinity L.

      Five Stars

      Awesome Kit, super easy to install. The template to cut the bags alleviates any worries I had.

    5. Nicholas M.

      Best around at any price

      Back speakers make little difference in sound volume but overall made dound better

    6. Larry S.

      I love it came out perfect

      I love it came out perfect

    7. Aaron

      Great product should be able to order minus speakers

      Install was easy I did not use the speaker because they are not the best speakers, but the rest of the kit is great.

      One person found this helpful

    8. Stan

      Easy to install

      Bag speaker system was a breeze to install. Beats the heck out of paying HD $ 1600.Sounds great!

      5 people found this helpful

    9. Daphne G.

      To much money for very little sound

      The speakers look good in my bags however for the price I expected more sound than they deliver. I would not recommend this product.

    10. Ken Cameron

      Lid speakers

      Speakers are blown it appears and the amp is almost all the way down. Less than a year on the bike and seller want contact me. Tried twice already to contact them.

    11. amcdis38

      Easy bags speakers addition

      Very easy to install, wire harness is perfect. Cutting mold was very easy to use. Speakers are not the best but work.

    12. Will Peterson

      Price and Sound – Total Package!

      I have the MPAK 12 by Arc Audio that includes the 600.4 Amp and the 602s in the front fairing. I wanted to purchase the 692s for the bags but my Road Glide didn’t have the rear speakers originally. I would have spent $1200 on new lids and the Arc speakers plus $50 to $70 on the split backbone wiring harness. I purchased this kit and so far its awesome. The look resembles stock and I’m impressed with how it went together although I was nervous about cutting my lids. The sound was terrific! I tuned front and rear separately to get all 4 channels just right. $500 vs $1200. It is not even a close decision after experiencing the product along with the price.

      4 people found this helpful

    13. BD Anderson

      Great sound.

      Had to add an amp but it sounds great.

    14. Bob R.

      Easy to Install

      Sounds awesome!

    15. ROB n VICKI

      Awesome Sound – Easy Install for some one of Mechanical Ability

      first, the install is NOT for the faint of heart. You will have to CUT the saddle bag lids. This kit comes with a great template that is easy to use. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! TAKE YOUR TIME!!! TAPE YOUR BAG LID TO AVOID SCRATCHES.The most difficult part in my opinion is wiring into the bikes harness, in my case I had to hard wire because I already had Tour Pack Speakers which made use of the secondary plug. If you don’t already have 4 speakers it is a bit easier – NOTE: You will have to remove Gas Tank, Fairing etc to get to back of Head Unit.This is not a quick install, but it is WELL WELL worth it.The sound is amazing, I have a full Rockford fosgate Amp and speakers in the bike, before I put in the 6×9 the bass was overwhelming the round speakers. Now the bass is balanced and compliments the sound.At 50% volume you can hear my stereo from about 1000 feet away. No exaggeration. At 70% you hear the stereo before my bike – A full Stage 3 HD Upgrade with 4″ DNT Bassani straight can exhaust. Yes it is Crisp and Loud!

      3 people found this helpful

    16. Brad Owens

      Install Easy and Sounds Great

      The instructions are good and watching a few youtube videos made this a super easy to install. They sound great and work well with my tour pak speakers.

    17. Larry Gibson

      Great idea speakers are not so good after a month they blew got replacement and they blew

      Speakers keep blowing

    18. steven nuckles

      Great buy!

      Highly recommend this kit if you are not to sure about doing it yourself youtube has several videos on the install sounds great I also installed this with the Sony xav-ax7000

    19. Brian


      Excellent experience Pleasure to deal with

    20. David Sargeant

      Nice upgrade

      If you’re handy this is a nice project, takes about 2.5 hours. No need to replace the lids, use existing ones. Will need to upgrade your amp (easy project) to handle extra speakers if you have std system with 2 front or 4 speaker system with amp built into Boom audio.

    21. darren walton

      Look and sound great

      The installation was straightforward

    22. Abby

      No help

      Would have liked someone to call me back about this

    23. ARTHUR G.



    24. Amazon Customer

      I would definitely recommend

      They fit great and sound really clear and are really loud when paired with the front kit with amp

    25. Smokey

      Looks good

      Perfect fit on a my Saddle Bags.

    26. Nicholas D.

      Why don’t they sell this kit without speakers!?

      Really nice easy kit to install. Any 6×9 speakers will fit the kit I believe. I used different speakers. I wish the kit was sold without speakers!

      One person found this helpful

    27. hector torres

      I am satisfied with the product

      Good sound look factory

    28. Tom D

      If I can do this anyone can.

      I purchased these with the RF 400 watt amp and front speaker kit. I love this product and its ease of installation. I purchased this from Rockford Fosgate authorized On-Line seller along with amp and front speaker kit for my 2018 Road Glide Special. The only warranty honoring authorized on-line dealers are Amazon Direct (not other sellers listed) or Crutchfield. Cutting my new bikes bag lids was a bit nerve racking but the templates included in the kit make it almost foolproof. Take your time and watch the video a few times RF provides on their website and on YouTube. I took my time and installed this and the front speakers/Amp system in one evening after work. I’m not a mechanic nor body guy. I’m an IT nerd so if I can do it you can. Man up, grab the drill and jig saw and don’t be intimidated by this kit. One important thing to note is before you purchase this and the Amp kit required, you need to flash the computer infotainment system. The Harley infotainment system (and ECU) are designed by TechnoResearch – . Search their web site for authorized tuners. They will need to flash the system on the bike to recognize the new RF Amp. I found that info here ––wrapper. Perform this prior of post installation. I did it first. Installation following the videos on YouTube went flawless. The sound from this system is amazing. I can ride at 80mph and it sounds like I have head phones on. Serious amps and clean sound.

      18 people found this helpful

    29. Gregory B.

      Five Stars

      See comments for the amp install kit

      2 people found this helpful

    30. Amazon Customer

      Easy to install and great option at this price point

      Installed on 2014 Street Glide. Easy to install and great option at this price point. Given the cost for new lids and matching paint schemes, this is an amazing option. I was nervous about taking the saw to my lids, but after watching YouTube a few times I went for. I have rockford amp PBR300x4, older version of the new amp. So far in garage sounds great and added that bass i was looking for.

      5 people found this helpful

    31. Peterzo

      Great, addition

      Great kit, if you trim the area on the template to clear the latch the templates go right on. I did all the cutting and mounting with lids and bags on the bike. Rather do it that way than taking chances with damaging them off the bike.Job to mount them was about an hour start to finish, and I am pretty anal. The wiring to me a while, I did a lot of extra work (Installed ape bars and new mirrors while I had the fairing off). But the whole kit is pretty straight forward.On top of that they sound great…

      5 people found this helpful

    32. David Ferguson

      nice sound and reasonably priced. They go well with the rest of my system.

      I don’t like the fact that you can’t just by the speakers and the speaker mount. I want to install them on my other bike but I don’t need another template

    33. AwsomAlx

      A bit pricey for what it is … and I don’t recommend you making the purchase mistake I did.

      I didn’t keep them installed but 2 months – I just didn’t find the $500 worth of sound quality!Luckily, I was able to sell my lids on the Book and replaced the lids with a quality set up for just a bit more than I spent in the RF crap.

      2 people found this helpful

    34. Kelly Anderson

      More than happy with our purchase

      Harley Davidson 2018 Road Glide SpecialWe installed in bags, NOT a single issue. Everything you need is in this kit.More than happy with our purchase.

    35. Dave

      Take your time don’t rush

      Had a few hiccups but other than that one in great sounds awesome worth the money in my opinion

    36. martin fahey

      They look really sharp have had a lot of compliments.

      Take your time cutting your lids it’s really easy to cut outside the template. Wish it’s was louder, but I think that will always be an issue no matter what speaker you go with, if you are like me.

    37. Eldon Hancock

      Love them

      Great speaker set and easy installation

    38. Ivan Cruz

      Rockford Fosgate Audio is amazing!

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

       Great kit. Easy to install. Speakers sound amazing. Definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking to upgrade the sound system on their motorcycle.

      16 people found this helpful

    39. lyrical


      Now I can really hear my sound even on the Highway with a Thunderheader

    40. edward blasche

      These things kick ass

      Was very easy to install looks good and meet all my expectations these things kick ass and rock out

    41. Kindle Customer

      Great Product

      Easy to install, template worked and fitment very good. Would highly recommend for someone with desire to do-it-yourself. Take your time and definitely use two coats of painters tape so you do not accidentally scratch when using jig saw. Very well designed kit.

    42. Kevin Michael Bowden

      Would buy again.

      All I can say is it’s easy. A little nervous at first. It work well.

    43. Vilson A Santos

      Great product – Easy to install

      Great product – Easy to installI did everything without having to remove the saddlebags lids cover.I totally recommend it

    44. Slick 1

      Once you have them, you will never understand how you lived without them!

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

       Purchased them with RF HD14-TKIT (got a great deal on the amp kit just need to check around on the web) ’19 RGS fits ’15+ RG’s & 14+ touring As others have mentioned, once you can get past the point of the PRICE, stripping down & cutting onto your brand new bike thing go alot easier. Watch the RF videos on youtube & take your time, it will all work out. Simple plug & play connections, The only difference between RF suggestions & what I did is I did it w/o removing & tearing down the saddlebags, but instead did it right on the bike. They tell you that you should just cut the template also, I chose not to in case I ever get a cover damaged, I still have the template sitting on the shelf in one of my sheds. The whole ordeal will take about half a day to do.NOW on to the sound, if you have owned these newer H-D’s (I have had 4 since 2014) you are aware of the poor sounding system stock speakers from Harley that can hardly hear it on the highway let alone idling. THIS SYSTEM THUMPS! The video provided is at about half volume & is louder that stock at full volume! My office windows & door vibrate at 1/3 volume, let alone you feel it in the floor of the house. I will revise after I am able to take it out on the freeway in the spring…..Can’t wait gotta chubby! HOPE THIS HELPS YOU ALL! Wish I would have done it 4 bikes ago!

      3 people found this helpful

    45. Client d’Amazon

      Super baffle

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

       Super produit son impeccable 😉

    46. Dean

      Follow included directions.

      Fairly easy to install, the hard part was cutting my new painted saddle bag lids. Otherwise, sound great and an added addition to my SG.

    47. HarleyMan2017

      Works great!

      2017 Road Glide. Installed great!

    48. Amazon Customer


      Hooked up professionally and worked for about 30 seconds then nothing they are toast , everything was set proper gain was down they just quit working , had them running off a 75wrms x 4 4ohm arc mini 125.4 amp huge waste of money

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