Rockford Fosgate RFK8 8 AWG Power Installation Kit

Rockford Fosgate RFK8 8 AWG Power Installation Kit

(40 customer reviews)


Availability: 16 in stock

8 gauge power and ground installation kit for an amplifier.

(40 customer reviews)


Availability: 16 in stock

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Kit includes 17 feet of 8 AWG power wire, 3 feet of 8 AWG ground wire, AGU fuse holder and fuse, 20 feet of remote wire, 40 Amp fuse.

  • FULL spec cable – meets or exceeds AWG (American Wire Gauge) requirements
  • 100% Pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper (PC-OFC)
  • Includes appropriate wire termination hardware
  • 8 AWG (8.36mm²) 735 strands
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 40 reviews for RFK8 8 AWG Power Installation Kit

    1. Mr. S. J. Riley

      Five Stars

      Kit arrived quickly and was exactly as advertised

    2. Kori Liebregts

      Five Stars

      Exactly as product specified

    3. Ryan

      Go for it! Seems like good quality!

      Works great had it installed and haven’t looked at it since!

    4. s0lohans

      Great quality. Short ground cable. Does not include speaker wire or RCA cable.

      As many other reviews state, this is quality wiring. Only reason I’m giving 4 starts is because the ground cable is too short. Also known that you will need to buy rca cable. I didn’t do my research and *assumed* it was included.This is trully plug and play since the terminals are pre-done and the insulation (actual threads?) Is pretty flexible and can be pushed through tight spaces – I used it in a Scion FRS and pushed the power wire through some clip slots it would have not been able to otherwise.Other than the ground cable being too short (c,mon Kicker!), I’m happy with the kit and would buy it again.

      2 people found this helpful

    5. Dan.el.Rey

      Five Stars

      Awesome, just what I needed

    6. Amazon Customer

      Great if your amp is within 6′ of HU

      Generally, it’s decent quality. I cannot verify OFC so I’ll assume they’re telling the truth. My only complaint is that it doesn’t include flexible tube / wire loom. No RCAs makes sense because length and number to include should vary. Only 6′ for the remote turn on means you need to be within 6′ of your head unit.

    7. B. Denise Johns

      Heavy duty and one of the best out there

      Heavy duty and one of the best out there. Great for my first 1200w system but Struggled with my 2000w rockford amp and 2 p12 subs so I upgraded but definitely good for a 4 gauge kit

    8. Jaime Enriquez

      Muy buen upgrade!

      Viene con todo lo necesario para conectar al amplificador, en otras reseñas decian que no trae fusibles. Éste kit viene con todo incluido un fusible.

    9. JMAC

      High quality item

      These are high quality cables where the thickness is the actual cable, not just an extra thick protective sleeve that many manufacturers use to cut costs in a very deceptive way. Keep in mind that the ground cable is short. Many people complain about this but if you take 30 seconds of your time to read the product description, view the picture, or do a quick Google search, you’ll see that this information is listed. Make the necessary measurements for your vehicle/motorcycle and make an informed decision, like with anything. This worked perfectly for my project and I got a good deal on this high quality product. I highly recommend. Don’t cheap out on this kind of stuff!

    10. BO

      Rockin now

      Easy to install and use have it in my 12 Harley SG works great with the Fosgate Amp

    11. seth

      Quality install kit

      This is a very nice kit for amps up to 400w. I used it in my Harley Davidson. The wire is quality tinned copper wire, very flexible so it was easy to route. My only complaint is the fuse that came installed. It’s a 25amp, kinda useless for a power amp install.

    12. Adam L.

      Five Stars

      Great wiring kit. Exactly what it says it is and supports 150AMP amplifiers.

    13. Trixie

      Got wire?

      Purchased the R/F amp and they recommended this kit for installation. Price was okay. I bought it primarily because I didn’t want to under wire the install and gave problems. Package contains tiny tie wraps, hot wire, ground wire, both with fittings on end and fuse on hot wire. Helpful. Shrink wrap helps seal connections. The red, hot wire was solid copper and good heavy gauge. In fact I’ve towed cars with thinner material. The ground was copper coated, but then there was enough ‘hot’ wire left over, just covered it with black tape and used that for ground. It did simplify the install.

      One person found this helpful

    14. Cornieleous

      Real AWG sizes, but why is ground aluminum wire?!

      Two stars off an otherwise great product for not mentioning the ground is aluminum wire.Otherwise, you are getting true thickness cables. See the photos of Rockford Fosgate cable vs. Boss. This Rockford 8AWG power cable is true to size and real copper, while the imitation brands are all undersized and aluminum or coated aluminum. Amperage is based on resistance per cross sectional area and length, so it really matters for performance and safety that you are getting real honest products.I was skeptical this cable would be that much better than el- cheapo, but it was.However, WHY is the ground cable cheap aluminum?! Raise the price a few more bucks and make it copper instead of trying to brag about the copper power cable and forgetting to mention this ground. The ground is a part of the current path of the DC power loop, not some magical seldom used wire like an electric box chassis ground. It should have the same properties as power, or be even more robust than positive in the event of a fault! I am sure RF thinks because it is only a couple feet, it is fine.I am pretty disgusted by all these companies and their games just not mentioning one of the two wires is aluminum, etc. It is very tough to find REAL copper and true to gauge anywhere. Why the lies? Just disclose what everything is.

      11 people found this helpful

    15. Amazon Customer

      With that being said it is nice. I purchased for the additional warranty and my …

      If you purchase this for the warranty you need to buy it through Amazon Direct for RF to warranty not a 3rd party vendor. RF will only warranty purchases made through Amazon Direct. With that being said it is nice. I purchased for the additional warranty and my 2nd RF Amp I have purchased in the last 4 months just went out. Having a tough time getting it fixed as RF is saying need to get through 3rd party vendor and it is past the Amazon 30 day warranty.

      One person found this helpful

    16. Paul

      Quality power cable

      Great set, glad I went with a name brand. However, it makes no sense to me that the ground cable is only a couple feet long while the power cable is 16 feet. Yes I knew it going in, but it makes no sense. And the fuse holder leaves the fuse exposed to the elements.

    17. Jeff Calvert

      Five Stars

      Everything I needed for the install! Shipped fast and works as advertised.

    18. Amazon Customer

      Very flexible

      This product work very well to install an amplifier on my motorcycle. I do wish that they would sell the same kit with a black power wire so it would blend in with the motorcycle a little better. I ended up using black heat shrink tube over the Redwire So it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

      One person found this helpful

    19. R. Smith

      The best installation kits around.

      RF makes the best kits. Can’t say anything any better !!!

    20. Amazon Customer

      Nice amp kit

      This is a great amp kit, and I got it for a good price

    21. Pete

      Five Stars

      Love Rockford Fosgate products! Always best quality for the best bargain!

    22. Amazon Customer

      Good product

      Great product ..I did return it because I found out that it is recommended on motorcycles to run the negative wire to the battery .not the frame . The ground on this is to short to do that .. there are kits for bikes with long grounds for bikes . But I was happy with the on time delivery and I would have keep the kit if I didn’t need a long ground ..

    23. Mikey

      Almost perfect.

      The ground wire is very short.

    24. Danielle Fishel

      Good entry level kit

      Good product.Wire thickness appears to be accurate.Went with name brand for peice of mind. Seemed to be good value for money.However,Per my own error kit does not include rca cables.

    25. CJ

      Good for the $$

      I think this is the real deal 4 gauge wire. The fittings seem to be good quality and for the price you can’t go wrong. But do your sums with voltage drop for your application…

      3 people found this helpful

    26. Sean

      Well done

      Actually correct gauge and well made

    27. BushwickBill

      Nice Amp Kit

      The wires are nicely colored and the connectors are already attached. Also the fuse is not your typical cylindrical fuse and at 100 Amps what you’ll need to power a pretty powerful system. I have no complaints with noise and the lengths were just enough for my 2008 Honda Accord, which makes it just plenty for many cars and SUVs out there. I made a good choice here, for Rockford Wires are true to power and they don’t cut your strand thickness short. No complaints on my end, hope this helps you. I took my time picking out this amp kit.

      One person found this helpful

    28. Sailing123

      works well

      was about 4″ short for my f150 amp install, had to use the remaining ground wire to complete the task. but other than that worked well

    29. Rafael

      Very good Quality

      Very fast shipping and exelent quality, defenetely will be buying more soon… A+

    30. Jeff

      Real 4 gauge wire

      The R2 1200 Fosgate amp says it can take up to 4 gauge wire and this wire fills the slot up and you have to work it to get all the strand into the amp. Real Copper as well. Win!

    31. Richard Ricketts

      short ground for a motorcycle amp install. but great otherwise.

      extend the warranty on your RF pbr 300×4 an additional year with this kit. The ground is short for a motorcycle amp install though.

    32. Johnnie

      Five Stars

      Anything Rockford Fosgate to my liking is great.

    33. Michael

      Great construction, and plenty of wire to go where …

      Great construction, and plenty of wire to go where it is needed. I can only give 4 stars because the ground wire is made of CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). And a big selling point on the description, and the packaging is 100% copper wiring. The power line is 100% copper wiring, however i expected the ground to be the same as it is their main selling point. But it was not, and i will have to order 100% copper wiring to replace the current CCA ground.

      One person found this helpful

    34. Freddy D

      True 8 Gauge OFC Wire

      Great product. True 8 gauge copper wire. Only wish it came with RCAs. Good glass fuse included and long remote wire.

    35. Heli Chief

      FINALLY A WIRE PACKAGE ON AMAZON THAT IS HIGH QUALITY!! I ordered a few different kits and this was the best value!

      “OFC”: Oxygen Free Copper. Copper wire basically has a little less resistance and retains more WATTS or AMPS over a given distance then aluminum clad wire. It’s not a huge difference roughly 10-20% difference, aviation use’s aluminum wire to save weight and it works great for jet’s and helicopters.”CCA”: Copper Clad Aluminum. This is aluminum wire coated in copper to help with corrosion and conductivity. Copper is superior to aluminum copper clad however aluminum copper clad wire works great and most will not notice the difference.PRO:-real copper wire-oversized 4 gauge-super soft pliable insulation-ground wire is pre terminated with a ring terminal-FUSE holder works great and is simple-comes with a AMP turn on wire-FUSE is set up and ready to go-great value!CON:-packaging was that type of plastic that makes you nearly cut your finger off to try and get into it!-FUSE holder is NOT waterproof or even water tight.-amp wire is very thin gauge maybe 22-ground wire appeared to be CCA coated with copper.Please see my pictures regarding this wire kit vs the 0/1 Gauge Soundbox kit.

      13 people found this helpful

    36. Jamie

      Good value, Nice kit.

      Was not able to use because shipping took longer then estimated. Returned with no hassle.

      One person found this helpful

    37. G B

      Very Noce Kit!

      This is a very nice kit that uses solid copper, NOT CCA!

    38. Jeremy C

      Quality kit. Power wire is very flexible. Fuse …

      Quality kit. Power wire is very flexible. Fuse holder isn’t top of the line, but perfectly adequate for this price range.

    39. michael sutphin

      Works well

      Enough length, secure connections. Does the job

    40. kay

      Great component’s, great kit as a whole.

      Great length for a 2011 ram 1500. 100 OFC wire, at a true Guage. I did not use the provided fuse holder, I prefer mini anl fuses is all. A great kit, and would definitely buy again Was also nice have the ring terminals attached if you do not have a lug crimp, shrink wrap, and heat gun.

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